Sunday, September 20, 2009

Start of the Autumn crafting

I know I haven't blogged much in a while; still feeling kinda crummy and now my back is also hurting from the quick shift to cold weather. Not fun! I'll be posting my actual review of The Silmarillion soon (rather than the random thoughts from my last book post) because after over a month I finally finished it this week. Hooray!

This weekend I added a chat box to my Artfire shop and my website in case anyone has any questions they want answered live or something, but I'm not sure how long I'll leave that up because I'm notoriously bad at signing into my IM messengers. Do you think this is something worth having up?

I have been slowly working on some art lately, so that's the main point of this entry. :)
Crocheted Brown Elven Bracers
I finally finished a crocheted pair of Elven bracers for my shops- they're identical to the ones I made for my Elf costume. (They're here on Etsy and here on Artfire.) I'm tempted to make these in other colors; do you think people would be interested?

The other two things I listed this week are earrings:
Red and Black Cartilage Chain Earring
This one is here on Etsy and here on Artfire.

Autumn Leaf Cartilage Chain Earring
And this one can be found here and here. I really like this one; I'll have to find more of these leaf charms!

Yup, as you can tell from that second earring, it's time for me to work past my aversion to warm colors and start making things for autumn and Halloween (I'm determined to finish fall things by October for once! Usually I put it off until too late). For the past few days I've been working oranges, blacks, yellows, reds, and purples, and I'm really itching to be able to get back to my comfort zone of blues and greens! I'm determined to finish these things, though; I don't need more WIPs!

Here's a sneak peek of some of those autumn things I'm working on; I apologize in advance for the poor quality of the photos. Apparently imps have been into my camera batteries and even the ones I haven't used since charging them have gone dry. (Note to self: punish imps and buy new rechargables.)
Halloween falls - sneak peek
Very blurry peek at two pairs of dreadfalls; one is largely purple, black, and a bit of orange, and the other is white, black, and orange. I still have to add some beads to these, but they're almost done- finally, a use for all that Fun Fur I got on sale over the years!

Clay coins - sneak peek
And these may not look to Halloweenish, but trust me, they are. ;) They're pirate coin runestones, and will go in a pirate-y pouch. I'm also working on another set of skull runes (I think those have to be my best seller, so I try to keep them in stock). Better pictures of these things will come soon!

Now I just have to finish this batch of fall things (and maybe make another set or two of dreadfalls; I still have some Halloween ideas for them), then I'm promising myself a break from these colors so I can work on some green runes. After that I can get back into the Autumnness, but I miss my greens! (If it wasn't for the fact that I know people like reds and oranges and yellows, I'd never work that side of the color wheel, lol!)

The next post I make (unless I get a book review in there first) will be about an awesome and fun treasure hunt one of my street teams is doing. There will be prizes for that hunt, so keep your eyes open for more info on that. ;)


mermaiden said...

the bracers are awesome! if you do more, i'd choose black, and green. and what about romanticizing a pair and using silk ribbon for lacing? oooh, a cream pair with silk ribbon- delectable.

Merily said...

Ooo, I like those ideas! Thanks, Julie! :D

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