Thursday, September 10, 2009

Trove Thursday- Inspired by my love

What's this? A Trove Thursday post on a day it's supposed to go on? ;) This one looks rather random, but it does have a uniting theme; my anniversary is next week (the 15th), so I decided to make this in honor of my fiancé and fill it with things my love would love.

"You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you." -Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

1.) "Mr. Darcy Proposal Mug" by Brookish on Etsy.
2.) "Donkey Kong Magnet Set" by MagnetGames on Etsy.
3.) "Super Mario World, Megaman, Metroid and Link Cubes" by PixelBrush_Designs on Artfire.
4.) "Rob The Robot R.O.B Nintendo Robot Button / Badge" by monsterkittydesigns on Etsy.
5.) "Pacman, Blinky and Pinky Small - Wall Decal" by VinylDesign on Artfire.
6.) "Megaman Wall Hangings" by lostmitten on Etsy.
7.) "Dungeons and Dragons game dice BAG of HOLDING" by sparrowhawk9 on Etsy.
8.) "Felt Sabre-toothed Lime" by PsycheDanyellic on Etsy.
9.) "Aerosmith Steven Tyler vintage 80s recycled T-shirt throw pillow" by oakboston on Etsy.

I suppose I should explain why I picked these:
-Josh really likes Jane Austen (he was in a class on her books with me, too), and names his familiars on Kingdom of Loathing (see lime below) after the male characters in her books. I love that I can talk literature with Josh; his intelligence is so attractive!
-Donkey Kong, Megaman, and Pacman- some of his favorite video games (he loves old Nintendo and 8bit games; I think he owns more NES and SNES systems than anyone else).
-The cubes- he's really good at Rubix cubes; I think he can finish one in under a minute.
-ROB (the robot on the button) - he has a ROB robot for the Nintendo, and ROB is also one of his mains in Smash Bros.
-Bag of Holding- a Dungeons and Dragons item; they're bags that you can put an endless amount of stuff into. They're quite useful! Josh is our group's Dungeon Master, so he runs the show (and does a great job of it; he's so creative!).
-Sabre-toothed lime- one of the familiars in the Kingdom of Loathing online game. Josh plays that game obsessively, and he has a sabre-toothed lime in the game.
-Aerosmith- his favorite band.

Happy early anniversary, Joshy! If I had the money, I'd buy all of these things. *hugs!*


Melissa said...

Ah. KoL. That brings back memories of college. My roommate used to play that. She even got me to play it for a while, but I got bored with it. Nice selection of items.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I just fell in love with the Mr. Darcy mug! *sigh*

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I just fell in love with the Mr. Darcy mug! *sigh*

Merily said...

Yeah, we used to play KOL a lot in college, but I stopped playing for a few years, then picked it up again. I still don't play it much, though. XD

I love that mug, too, Ruthie! :)

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