Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Random Magic post. What? It's fun!

So it deserves multiple blog posts. ;) I knew the book I just reviewed was fun, and now there's more! I got contacted and asked if I wanted to be an Honorary Witch for the Random Magic Blog Tour. This was very much an honor, so of course I jumped right on that and answered the fun questions I was sent. (I mean, I was asked to ramble about books? That's like my favorite thing in the word to do!) :D My interview as Honorary Witch (I love that term!) can be found on the tour blog here.

Like I mentioned in my review, definitely read this book; it's a lot of fun! I think the book comes out in January, but don't hold me to that (it looks like it's available already on Amazon?). I'm just a messenger of Awesome Books You Should Read (ooo, I should trademark that phrase).

To hold you over, though, here's a trailer for the book I found on the author's website:

And if you're still curious, check out the page about the book here and the blog tour (with fun stuff) here.

Here's part of the fun stuff- a quiz:

Which Random Magic character are you?

My Result: You are: One of the Nine Muses
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On the surface, you are: fickle, glamorous, and unstable, but brilliant, generous, talented, affectionate and patient.

Your secret side: Get on your bad side, and you’ll hit your devotees with a whup-ass case of writer’s block.
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Since the scenes with the muses were my favorite parts of the book, I'll gladly take that result. ;)


luthien said...

wow!!! i really really like how your blog is coming along!! it's awesome and looks like one of those new age webpages that ppl pay tonnes to design!! so many interesting stuff to see and click on too :) well done on the banner ... it does look more pronounced now :)) and that BIG etsy shop at the bottom looks wonderful!! GOOD JOB!!

elnice said...

Welcome to the coven!

Merily said...

Luthien- Aww, thanks! I think I'm finally getting pretty good at html and coding and making graphics and things (I've only been practicing this stuff for almost a decade, LOL!). I'm glad to hear that people like it! :D

Thanks, Elie. It's such a fun coven! :D

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