Monday, October 19, 2009

Book review- Random Magic

I finished two more books recently, but I'm only going to review the first now since this review got so long. ;) Both of these books star intelligent and interesting young females, so they were great to read back-to-back. Look for the second one soon. :)

Today's review is Random Magic by Sasha Soren, one of the books I got from the LibraryThing Early Reviewer program.

In a letter included with the book Soren said we shouldn't spill the beans about the package and things and I won't, but I do have to say that receiving this book totally made an otherwise feeling-icky weekend so much better! And I wasn't at all disappointed when I started reading it, either. ;)

This book is so witty and... well, charming.

I'll get to the downside first, to get that out of the way. I found the book to start and end a bit disjointed- don't get me wrong, most of the book is random and disjointed in a good way, but I just found the beginning and end to be a bit slow and disconnected; I think I would have preferred it if the book stayed more with the two main characters. I wanted to know more about them; I'm thinking because Soren did such a good job making them interesting! :) The only other slight problem I had with the book was a personal preference- at one point near the beginning the main characters visit vampires, and I think by now everyone knows my opinion about undead (needless to say, I skimmed a lot of those pages. Ugh, vampires are overrated so don't do it for me). I'll give Soren credit, though; she made those particular undead unique enough that I didn't flat out skip those pages like I would have otherwise (or give up on completely *cough*Twilight*cough*). To this author's credit, I think the other reason I kept reading those pages was because man, she can write! Even when it was a subject I wasn't interested in, I kept at it because the book was so enjoyable.

Anyway, to get on with the review, I found the rest of this book to be charming, interesting, and well-written. The author definitely has the skill to write something you don't want to put down (I don't think I put this book down the entire time I was reading it; I wanted to know what happened next!) and the creativity to write something utterly unique. The writing was witty and I loved all the random references throughout (I never did figure out the one in chapter 42, though. Can someone clue me in there? *puppy eyes* Apparently I am no good at anagrams, lol). The two main characters were great- Winnie is spunky, intelligent, and clever, and Henry is ... Henry. He's lovably kind of stupid oblivious, but he gets a lot of character development, so even though he's kind of pathetic, you don't mind and keep cheering him on.

I'm not going to go into details about the plot because I feel that spoils things, but I will say that the plot is engaging and fun and the cast of characters are just as well-written as the rest of the book (don't let my hatred of vampires stop you from reading this, please! In fact, feel free to ignore that part of my review as just one of my personal quirks). I've always been a fan of Alice in Wonderland, so I thought it was so neat that this story had that as a basis. The book also had mythological references and literary figures; I had to grin because those are two of my favorite things. This story isn't all a happy romp, of course, but that makes it even more interesting to see the characters' struggles and how they develop from them. Overall, though, this book is fun!

I will heartily recommend this book to anyone looking to read something new and entertaining; it's got friendship, love, strength, wit, adventure, magic, and a red feather. You can't go wrong with those things! I think it's a young adult book, but adults will love it, too. I know I did, and I suppose I count as an adult. ;) I'll give this 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

(Psst: More reviews from other LibraryThing members can be [well, "will be"; at the moment there's only one other] found on the book's LibraryThing page.)


Rose Works Jewelry said...

That sounds really interesting! And my library doesn't have it :'(

Merily said...

Yeah, it's a new book (well, most of the early reviewer books are, I think), so it might not be out in too many stores and libraries yet. It is on Amazon, though (it wasn't when I looked the other day, if I remember right), so it'll get there eventually. :)

elnice said...

Hi Merily, Sasha Soren sent me to you, she said we reminded her of eachother. I love your jewerly, it is beautiful. I will keep it in mind when I start buying holiday gifts.

I enjoyed your review of Random Magic. The review copy is en route to my house and I can't wait to dive in. I am October 30 on the book tour. Stop by and say hi, I will be interviewing Sasha, she is so kind and inspirational. She is a deep thinker, I like that about her.

Oh, if you do stop by, you may find a few vamps (just so your prepared)

Elie (Ellz Readz)

Merily said...

Oh, that's cool! Hiya, Elie! Thanks for the compliment. :) I bet you're going to love the book- it's great! I'm definitely going to have to stop by for the blog tour; I'm a bit confused as to how it works, though. I found the website linking to people's blogs for it- I take it on those blogs there's going to be RM-related posts? I want to lurk around since I loved the book so much, but I'm kind of baffled, lol.

Alas, more vampires! It's like they're an infestation or something! ;)

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