Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! :D

Happy Halloween and Samhain, everyone! Today's also my "new" anniversary (as in it used to be September 15th as the anniversary of when Josh and I started dating 7 years ago, but now it's Halloween- this is two years since he proposed. I love you, Joshy!). :) I'm going over to his (well, his parents' house) for dinner tonight and to watch our annual Charlie Brown Halloween; hopefully I'll be feeling a bit better. This ear infection has me feeling pretty icky.

I don't have a real art update post this week- I've been working on a custom order for dolls, but I'm not going to blog about that until after Christmas. The only other thing I've been working on is a few random bits for a Goblin costume. You, know, from Goblins Like These, specifically Gork. Yup, I'm a dork, but Josh was flattered that I wanted to dress like one of his characters. Like, extremely happy- it was so cute! And hey, it meant a use for the wig that didn't turn out right; I turned it into a grass skirt. Wee, I'm crafty! ;)
This is the costume I was going for:

Here's what my quick (like worked on it for an hour or two) Gork costume looked like:

Yes yes, really crappy picture of me, but I wanted to get a picture of it anyway. I need to add a few more rows on the hat (don't want to completely cover my eyes, but the hat was lower until Josh added the pipecleaners) and a bunch more pipecleaners (to cover the gaps), and I also need to add more to the skirt to make it fuller. Someday I'll have a better costume, like with an accurate vest and maybe like a bodysuit thing in goblin color, but this worked for now. :)

And it was fun- we got to play the Goblins D&D game last night, so I was able to dress like Gork and play Gork, too. Yay for crazy goblin ambush commanders!

The other things I wanted to share were about last minute Halloween things. Today is the last day for the sale in my Artfire shop:

15% off everything (costume stuff, Halloween things, and autumn things) in the "Halloween" category of my shop- just enter the code HALLOWEEN09 when checking out.

And the other seasonal thing is the EAST (EarthPath Artisans Street Team) Harvest Treasure Hunt going on until the end of November- a new prize is awarded each week and a big prize pack will be given away in November. :)

Please enter this- we're not getting many people entering, so there's a good chance you'll win one of the weekly prizes or the big prize at the end!

Just go to the team blog here to read how to play- basically you just hunt through the participating shops for 5 Autumn items that have a little blurb in the description (hint- there are at least three of these in my shop), then reply on the EAST team blog with where you found them.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

You rock!

intothedawn said...

You look adorable! Great costume.

Lisa Crone said...

Hi there! Just saw one of your cuffs on Orion designs blog and had to pop over to etsy and then to your blog. Love your work! I need a day to look through everything, how FUN!

mermaiden said...

you're such a fun goblingreengirl!

Merily said...

Aww, I'm glad you guys like my goblin costume! I definitely want to improve on it because dressing like a goblin is fun! :D

Lisa- Hiya! That's so cool that you found me through Vicki's blog. Thanks for the compliment! I try to post new stuff to my blog frequently. :)

Athena's Armoury said...

You look adorable, meri!

Merily said...

Aww, thanks, Janine!

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