Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Herman the Frog? That's a new one!

Or, alternately, "Ears, ears, and more ears!", but we'll get to Herman in a minute.

This week has been nothing but ears (and as my fiancé says, that would sound odd coming from anyone but me, lol). I got four pairs finished, but the one isn't going to get posted yet because I need to finish the second part of that custom order (horns). Oh, and I finished a lot of earrings, as well. I think the "e", "a", and "r" keys on my keyboard are probably worn out by now.

The first ear I want to share is my newest design; I was trying to think of new kinds of ears to make and of course I jumped right to "cat ears!" since we all know I'm a crazy cat lady. ;) And of course, these are based on my black kitty, Clarabell.
Black and Grey Cat Ears on a Black Headband

I'm really proud of these- even my dad (who normally thinks my art is a bit odd) said how much they look like cat ears. That made my day, escpecially since a lot more work goes into these than the elf ones, since that grey bit in the center? That's a completely different crocheted triangle that has to be sewn onto the black part, and it's never easy to work with the floofy Fun Fur yarn.

I also want to share how they can bend:
Black and Grey Cat Ears (closeup)

Since these ears (like all of them) have pipecleaners crocheted around the outside, you can bend them and they'll stay bent.
You can find these here in my Etsy shop and here on Artfire.

Next up are these Orc/Goblin ears:
Crocheted Orc Goblin Ears on Black Headband

These are the same design as my regular elf ears, just green. (Now I'm tempted to make other ones in oranges and yellows to represent the Goblins my fiancé draws, although I'd likely have to change the design some.) Anyway, the Orc ears are here in my Etsy shop and here on Artfire.

I also made two custom orders this week. One was for a pair of my smaller ears:
Hobbit ears

And the other was a really unique request- someone wanted a pair of Yoda ears for her son. How cool is that! After looking at pictures of said Muppet, these are what I came up with:
Green elf ears (Yoda)

They're child sized, so the headband is a bit shorter than usual and the ears are slightly closer together. I also added an extra row of crochet around the ears to make it so they had a ridge on the outside to look more accurate than my regular ears would be.

And funny story about this- my grandfather asked what I was making and when I told him, he had no clue who Yoda was and has never seen Star Wars. I told him Yoda was a Muppet, like Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, assuming that everyone knows Kermit the Frog and he replied with "Herman the Frog? Miss Kitty? Piggy? I've never heard of them, either". By that point I was laughing; my grandfather has all of his wits, but somehow he's managed to miss the Muppets in that, what, 40 years they've been around? It's not like they're a new thing, but I guess it's not something he would have been interested in. Anyway, now I think I'm going to start calling Kermit "Herman the Frog", LOL!

And before I forget, here are my most recent earrings:
Falling Leaf Cartilage Chain Earring:

Falling Leaf Cartilage Chain Earring

This is here in my Etsy shop and here on Artfire.

Halloween Party Cartilage Chain Earring:

Halloween Party Cartilage Chain Earring

This one can be found here in my Etsy shop and here on Artfire.

Black and Orange Halloween Cartilage Chain Earring:

Black and Orange Halloween Cartilage Chain Earring

And this is here in my Etsy shop and here on Artfire.

Okay, am I done typing "ear" yet?

Oh! And don't forget about my Halloween sale going on until the 31st!

And I also almost forgot to mention that another of my friends featured me on her blog this week. *does the happy dance!* Thank you, Theresa! You guys can find it here. I gotta say, "Meri Monday" is now my official favorite day of the week. ;)


mermaiden said...

you chipper wee sprite- wonderful work!
as i was looking at all these ears, i was wondering why you haven't put one of your cartilage earrings on- i think that'd be perfect :D

Mana Moon Studios said...

Your creations are always SO darling!!

Merily said...

That's actually my next step, Julie. I just haven't gotten around to making another pair yet to attach the earring to. I'm glad to hear that it'll be a good idea! :D

Thanks, Sharon!

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