Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Lots of Halloween art and a new blog layout!

Oh man, am I behind posting updates about things I've made; this is going to be a very image-heavy post. You've been warned. ;)

First, though, I want to point out (you know, in case you're reading this in an RSS feed) that after over a year of putting it off, I finally changed the layout of my blog. It took me about five hours, but I think I'm happy with it. :) And hey, now it matches my websites and shops and looks all foresty (I'm really proud of that header banner- that's my own photograph taken in the backyard).

I don't really like how it's so boxy, but blogger isn't very good for working flat html; it makes you use templates. I'd have preferred just coding, but eh, what can you do? I am upset that they're only letting me use 10 tags per post when I used to be able to use 20 or so. WTF? I'm an eclectic artist- I can't use that few and still keep track of my posts! (I was using my blog to keep track of the stuff I made.) Grrr...

Anyway, onto the art! (These are all in my Etsy shop, too, but there are too many and my computer is too slow, so I'll just link to my Artfire pages.) I've been renewing old Halloween items that I had let expire a long time ago, but that I touched up and made more to my liking. One of them is this Halloween dreamcatcher:
Halloween Star Dreamcatcher
It's here on Artfire.

The other things I redid were pumpkin runestones and a spider pendant necklace. I also made another set of skull runestones because people seem to like those. :)
Skull Elder Futhark Runestones

Two more Halloween things that went up this week were this Autumn Pumpkin earring:
Autumn Pumpkins Cartilage Chain Earring

And this pair of All Hallows Eve dreadfalls:
All Hallows Eve Falls - Halloween yarn dreadfalls

I was also busy with costume-y things, as well! I made these ears (she wanted them for a goblin costume- how cool is that!) as a custom order for someone:
Grey elf/goblin ears

And for my shops I made these blue and black dragon horns:
Blue and Black Dragon Horns

And this pair of Halfling/Hobbit/Half-Elf/Gnome/insert-race-with-slightly-pointed-ears-here ears:
Crocheted Hobbit Halfling Gnome Ears on Brown Headband

I'm especially proud of these because they're a completely new design that I had to make a new pattern for. :) I'm going to be making a pair like this for myself soon for my Elfling costume. ;)

Whew, I think I'm caught up now! There's still more to come- I've got four more pairs of autumn earrings in my "to list" queue, as well as another fun pair of costume ears. I'll also be posting about a big Halloween sale I'm running in my Artfire shop next week, so stay tuned!


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Your blog looks great, and I really love that picture at the top, you did a good job! And great Halloween items :)

Merily said...

Thanks, Ruthie! :D

luthien said...

hey hey!! your blog's lookin good my fren :)) so are the creations ;)

threadsofmagique said...

Wow, you've been really busy! So many beautiful things! Love your new blog look, very nice!

Marie said...

I love the new banner; it looks great!
The dreamcatcher is my favorite.

mermaiden said...

look at all these gorgeous goodies!

Merily said...

Thanks, guys! :D

Anonymous said...

eh.. attractive

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