Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trove Thursday- A FAE Halloween

This Trove is a bit different in format because I was finally able to snag a treasury late last night (even using the tool on I'm rarely at the computer at the right time). Since it's almost Halloween, I decided to make it a costume treasury- and since I'm a member of FAE (Fantasy Artists of Etsy) I knew I could find awesome costumey things by my teammates. ;)

The theme of this one is A FAE Halloween.
FAE treasury
If the treasury is still live (it expires Saturday afternoon), you can find it here, but if you want to see it after that, click the image to be taken to the Flickr page or click here to see the screencap full-sized. The "Alternates" are the ones that the curator of the treasury picks that don't show up for anyone else (at least not until they're switched in), so you get a top secret peek at them here. ;)

I suppose I'll link to the items the way I usually do to make it even easier to find them. :)
1.) "Renaissance Fantasy Elven Medieval Costume" by StarGazingWoodElf.
2.) "Forest Spirit Leather Mask for Those Forced to wear Glasses" by UpfromtheAshes.
3.) "Ready to Ship- Gossamer Faerie Wings" by NightLilyDesign.
4.) "Reflections Armband Set, Biceps Cuffs" by 88Links. (Alternate)
5.) "Spiderweb Chainmaille and Pearl Headdress" by venusinchains.
6.) "Book of Spells Witch Hat" by mermaidencreations.
7.) "Arwen Circlet" by VimaSunrider.
8.) "Renaissance Wedding choker necklace for gown - Rose - Green and brass" by archeress. (Alternate)
9.) "Face of the Gorgon -- Medusa Necklace w/ Jade" by ErtheFae.
10.) "Specialty Pirate Hair Jewels" by CrystalKittyCat.
11.) "Chain Maille Bishop's Mantle" by AthenasArmoury.
12.) "Black Mini Top Hat Lace-Red beads" by Alteredevents. (Alternate)
13.) "Renaissance Medieval Cotton Straight Skirt Custom Color" by myelegantmuse.
14.) "The Blue Faery-One of a Kind Fairy Costume" by faeryspellcreations.
15.) "Five Strand Renaissance Rapunzel Braid Hair Extension match your hair color" by Puppycatmeow.
16.) "Two piece Renaissance, Medieval dress, costume with REVERSIBLE BODICE sz M" by MidnightsMeadow. (Alternate)

Oh! Speaking of treasuries, my dreamcatcher is in this spider one by my Createability teammate UnusualFelineObjects. Thanks for including me! :D


mermaiden said...

love everything about this treasury!

Athena's Armoury said...

meri, thank you so much for including my Chain Maille Mantle! You went to a lot of trouble to include all of those links in your blog post, too. Thank you!

FunkyMonkey Girls said...

Every mask make that I talk to I complain about them not making masks that will work with glasses! Hooray, they will be so booked marked!


Merily said...

Jolene- Exactly! I've had that mask hearted for a while because since I wear glasses, I'd love to have a mask I can wear and yet still see. If only I had the money- until then I can drool. ;)

I'm glad you like the picks, Julie- I just love all the stuff the FAE team makes. :D

Janine- you're welcome! I wanted to make sure people could find the items even after the treasury expires. :)

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