Friday, October 02, 2009

Trove Thursday- Orcs and Goblins

Yes yes, I know it's Friday. At least I'm close, lol. Today's theme was picked by my fiancé; I should have known Josh would pick this since he does draw a much-neglected Goblin webcomic. I tried to find cute things, though. ;)

Here's the Orcs and Goblins Trove Thursday:

1.) "Goblin Orc Mask with Warts and Faux Dead Berries" by artisanmaskers on Etsy.
2.) "Armored shoulder pauldrons" by goblinsgrotto on Etsy.
3.) "Napping Goblin - ACEO Trading Card" by AshleyDaugherty on Etsy.
4.) "Green Goblin Ears" by CreaturesbyChelsea on Etsy.
5.) "Goblin Territory Trespassers Will Be Eaten -- wooden sign" by ShadowRaven on Etsy.
6.) "More pictures of Unicorn Tapestry Very Vintage Linen Caplet Romantic Gothic Goblin Hood" by LiliesOValley on Etsy.
7.) "Sterling Silver Steampunk Bracelet with Gothic Golden Evil Eye Part 1" by twistedsisterarts on Etsy.
8.) "Lord Of The Rings Inspired Goblins and Orcs Spinning Fiber 80's Superfine Merino 4 oz." by christinamariepotter on Etsy.
9.) "Sage Green Goblin Fleece Hat" by HiDeeBug on Etsy.


FunkyMonkey Girls said...

One of the pictures remind me of Gollum more than an orc or goblins. Total geek of LoTR, why yes I am, can't you tell my precious?


Merily said...

LOL! The napping one, right? I thought the same thing. Hooray for LotR geeks! ;)

FunkyMonkey Girls said...

yes, that was the one LOLOL! :)

I really miss geeky people, trying to find them in Tucson is like a finding a needle in the haystack!


FunkyMonkey Girls said...

Okay, I named my 2005 Ford Mustang Precious....

I win:)

Merily said...

Most of my geeky friends are online, so I can relate. Thank goodness for the internet!

LOL! I'm one for naming things, too. ;) My old car was Frodo and my current one is Celebrian. My computer is Radagast, too.

intothedawn said...

Hi Merily-- there is a blog award waiting for you over at my blog! Congrats!

mermaiden said...

great picks greengirl. love the eye- man that's awesome.

on my old car i had a bumper sticker "Frodo Failed...Bush Has The Ring".

I would get comments and horn honking on a regular basis. I miss that sticker :D

Merily said...

Ooo, thanks, intothedawn! I'll check it out in a bit. :D

Thanks, Julie! LOL! The only Tolkien sticker I had was "Not all who wander are lost", which isn't nearly as cool ;)

Melissa said...

I don't know why, but the first one reminds me of Labyrinth.

Merily said...

That could have been the artist's inspiration- I know while searching "goblin" I found a lot of things inspired by that movie.

Jared Carson said...

We are making a brand new Orcs Movie. Check out our facebook page and follow along as the most epic Orcs Movie of all time comes to fruition.

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