Monday, November 16, 2009

Art update- costumed cats, dryad horns, & faerie earrings

Time to share the stuff I've been working on this week. :)

First, the cat dolls I'm making for a trade with one of my POEST teammates:
Peek at the cats I'm working on
I'll get a better picture of them when I'm done the third doll (a mermaid) I'm making for her, but I wanted to share these two first. :) They're based on her two cats; one is slightly larger and a bat-cat, and the slightly smaller one is a devil-cat. I really really like how these came out (I'm still fiddling with the cat pattern I created, but I think I've almost got it to where I want it to be), and I think when I'm done with all the dolls I have to make for Christmas and trades, I'm going to make a line of cats in different costumes for my shops. I know I want to make an Egyptian cat first, but I'll have to think of other ones I want to do. Do you guys have good ideas for costumed cats?

The other thing I made this week was this custom earring:
Silver and Black Fairy Cartilage Chain Earring

I'll have to find more of these fairy charms; they're the perfect size for my cartilage chain earrings.

Speaking of cartilage chain earrings, I've been coming up with a new design, but I haven't finished those yet, so those'll probably be in the next update. ;)

And last, my most recently listed item are these Dryad horns:
Copper and Green Dryad Fairy Horns

Copper and Green Dryad Fairy Horns

They're here in my Etsy shop and here on Artfire.

They started out on a whim- I just wanted to mix together some of my new Pearl-Ex powders on a pair of clay horns (I think they started off just black clay), so I grabbed a couple powders (red, orange, and gold, I think) that ended up merging really well into a coppery-color. Then I added the spiral and thought "Hmm... this part would look good green", and when I showed them to Josh, he said how they looked all tree-like and I should paint ridges on them. Unfortunately, you can't see the ridges so well in the photos, but they look like bark now. :) Next time I'll have to scratch some lines into them, too, to make them look even more tree-like.

Man, I love making fantasy things! :D

Next up are lots of dolls- that mermaid for that trade, my friend wants a Luigi (from Mario Bros) and some sort of princess for her grandkids, then I think I'm doing a trade where I'm making two Pokemon, then a kobold for Josh from his webcomic, and I have a few more dolls to make as gifts, as well as something for the swap my FAE team friends are doing. I still have to figure out what I want to make for that, though- I have a bunch of ideas and I don't know which to go with!


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Your so talented :D

Cat bet I could come up with lots of ideas! How about an elven kitty cat?

Merily said...

Aww, shucks, thanks! :D

Ooo, I like that idea! I could give him a little cloak and move the ears to the side more or something... That would be adorable! Yeah, any ideas you have, let me know! :)

Athena's Armoury said...

The kitties are adorable and I'm totally loving that coppery color on the horns. I'm working on a couple of small ideas for my swap partner but still need to come up with the real gifty part.

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