Saturday, November 07, 2009

Art update- ears, earrings, and a gift guide

Not too much to update this week about my art. I spent most of the time finishing two custom dolls, but I can't blog those until after Christmas, so you'll have to take my word that they came out really cool. ;)

The other main thing I worked on this week were these ears:

Yeah, I know the photo is terrible, but I finished them after the sun set so I couldn't get a good picture before I mailed them off. I'm still waiting on Josh to make me a new lightbox. Anyway, these were a custom order for someone who wanted ears with the headbands in two shades of auburn. It was funny because Josh picked up the yarn for me, but had me on the phone looking up the colors on the Joann website, so we kept saying things back and forth like "Is carrot too orangey?" "How about honey?" "Chocolate is far too brown". People at the store must have thought he was baking something, lol. (Why are so many yarn names food? Couldn't they just have one called "auburn"?) We eventually settled on "honey" and "rust". Hooray, one wasn't a food. ;)

The other art thing this week are two new earrings I listed:
Blue Dolphin Cartilage Chain Earrings

These dolphin cartilage earrings can be found here on Etsy and here on Artfire.

Pink and Purple Cartilage Chain Earring

And this purple and pink earring is here on Etsy and here on Artfire. This one gets special recognition, though, because it's in a Gift Guide! :D Really! (I was happily surprised, too- I haven't been in one since late 2007).

Click the thumbnail to view it larger, or hey, check out the Teens Gift Guide page here.

And this week I also joined another guild on Artfire- the Blogfire Guild. I mean, it's a team where all I have to do is blog? I can do that. ;) Plus it's awesome because I was able to join off-site, and since I'm at my guild limit on AF, that meant I could join this one without dropping one of my other five. Hooray!

Next up I'm working on more custom dolls, so I'll be blogging about those soon. :)

Oh- I almost forgot! Shameless promo time!

At my Etsy shop and Artfire shop.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I got to see the dolls (cuz I'm special) and I can vouch for the fact that they are SUPER COOL!

Merily said...

lol! Thanks, Ruthie! ;)

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