Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New cartilage earring (and photography) style!

I'm really happy with how this new style of cartilage chain earrings came out- amazingly what was in my head worked in practice! ;)

Instead of just having the one chain connecting the lobe to the cartilage, this one has two:
Sea Blue and Green Double Cartilage Chain Earring
I'm really loving this one- the colors, the shape, the size. :) I wanted a way to expand on my cartilage earrings (since they're one of the main things I make), so I thought a "deluxe" or more intricate version would be cool. Hopefully people will like these ones, too.

I do have a question for you guys- what do you think of the orbs in the photo? Since it's colder now I'm going to be taking pictures indoors, and I found a great spot in my sister's room (and her walls match my mannequin, lol) with good light in the early afternoon. When I got pictures that day the light was coming in at just the right level to give me orbs and I think it's neat and all faerie-ish. However, I'm not sure if it makes the picture look professional and like something someone would want to buy. What do you guys think?

I'm using that photo as the main one on the Artfire listing because my sister said she liked that photo best, but on Etsy I'm using the plain photo with no orbs.

I'm just trying to come up with good ideas to make my photos look unique. I noticed this week as I was going through older listings for earrings to remake that my photo quality from '08 was terrible. They're so much better (and so much clearer!) now, but I'm still no photographer, so I'm trying to think of prop ideas and things to give my photos a unique, fantasy look. Orbs may help with this (and since I have Paintshop, I can edit some in on the days the light doesn't give me them naturally).

I think I also might want to get some further away photos, so you can see how they look with more than just the ear closeup. :)

And as I'm typing this my sister's best friend mentioned that it would be cool if I put a feather in my mannequin's hair because feathers are popular now. I have feathers (I collect them whenever I can find them), so that sounds like a great idea!


Aalina Eden said...

This really very chic and fashionable earrings i like too much

Vintage Earrings

Miah said...

Hey! I have my cartilage periced and LOVE your cartliage having trouble finding some that look like yours you know the official name and where i could possibly find one? Thanks for your help! (:

Meri Greenleaf said...

I think you're the person who emailed me earlier, so I think you've figured out how to find my shops. ;) They're here.

Meri Greenleaf said...

Crud, the link didn't work. Let me try again by just typing out the addresses to the shops.

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