Monday, November 23, 2009

Silliness and tormenting my kitty

I'll do an art post soon, but right now I wanted to share the amusement that is my cat in antlers, and a few other funny pictures I've taken recently. ;)

First, Clarabell:

"Really, Mom? You're making me wear this dumb hat?"

"Maybe I can get Aunt Amy to take it off me if I act cute..."

"No such luck. I'll get you for this. I hope you like the "present" I left in the litterbox."

"I mean, antlers? Antlers? Couldn't it have been something more dignified?"

I love that Clara just sat there and took it! She glared and meowed a bit, but she mostly just sat there in Amy's arms giving me The Look. My cat is so lazy and good natured that even antlers don't cause her to get angry. I did reward her with a bunch of kitty treats, though. :)

Now onto other random pictures:

Our dustmop, sheep, and butterball. ... I mean, two dogs and a cat. Oh, and dad's boots which seem to enjoy hanging out with the fuzzbutts.

My best friend's cat? Thinks she's a parrot.

I was helping mom with decorations today and this is what I saw sitting on the dining room table:

My thoughts: "A cute fuzzy bear, okay. ...Wait, what's that below it? *looks closer* The battery pack sticks up its butt?! Where does mom find these things?"

And it's not funny, but I wanted to share my sad little tree I put on my desk today:

This little $3 Walmart (I think that's where Josh got it?) tree makes Charlie Brown's look like a great sequoia. I tried to fancy it up with a handmade skirt and ornaments, but it's still kinda sad. It just doesn't have enough branches. ...honestly, it looks pretty decent in the photo, but looking at it in person you can see all the gaps. I mean, it's pretty sad when you can fit a tree on your desk behind the keyboard.

I hope you enjoyed this silliness. I'll have to do this more often. ;)


Dori said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures. The animals are lovely. Silliness keeps us young. Enjoy.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

You made me smile ;D

Merily said...

Heehee, I'm glad I made you smile, Ruthie. ;)

That's a good way of looking at it, Dori. :D

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