Thursday, November 05, 2009

Trove Thursday- Fat Cats

This is another Trove theme picked by my fiancé- somehow he came up with Fat Cats. He must have been thinking of our fat cat. ;) Like usual, I included people from my teams and guilds on Etsy and Artfire.

1.) "SIAMESE CAT FAIRY POT FEET - Garden Flower Pot Feet - Kitten Plant Risers" by PhenomeGNOME.
2.) "Tea Leaves and Book Pillars Bury Another Busy Day With the Approval of the Cat Digital Art Print" by Carapace.
3.) "Star Spangled Black Cat Pillow" by Gypsyharte.
4.) "8x10 Photo - Irony thy name is Sam" by mirthreverence. (This one got a big laugh out of me.)
5.) "Copper the Patient Pocket Cat" by walkinthewoodsllc.
6.) "6 Cute Kitty Die Cuts" by shesbattydesigns.
7.) "A Ginger Cat...Imagine That...Earrings" by sleepingcatbeads.
8.) "Aceo- Isabella The Tortie Fairy Cat" by MagicalTails.
9.) "Friendship Kitty Cat - Soft Sculpture Toy" by BethToddCreatz.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Very cute!

Merily said...

Thanks, Ruthie. I do love kitties. ;)

luthien said...

hahaha!!! fat indeed!! love the first image :))

avagdro said...

Thanks Merily.Beautiful collections.Wish you in advance a Happy Christmas ahead.

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