Thursday, November 26, 2009

Trove Thursday- Holidays with the Createability Team

This week my Trove post is promoting the Createability Team on Etsy because we're having a group sale this weekend (to get the list of participating shops, visit the team blog post here). The Createability team is made up of artists who create while coping with a disability, chronic illness, or caregiving, and it's a wonderful group of people. :)

*Edit 11/28* The site I was using to host the images has been down, but luckily I managed to snag a treasury. Here's a screencap of the treasury promoting this:
Createability Treasury
To see the items larger and clearer, click the image. Then you can get the username- just type that then "" (like I'd be into your address bar and you'll be taken to the team member's shop.
And if you're reading this before Tuesday Dec 1st at 1:30pm EST, just click here to be taken to the treasury page.

(Psst- I'm part of this sale, too; I'm doing free shipping to the US and Canada until the end of December.)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US; I hope you have a great holiday! I'm having two Thanksgivings- one tonight with my fiancé's family and one tomorrow with my family (my dad has to work tonight, so mom's doing it tomorrow).


cindylouwho2 said...

Looks fabulous! thanks for featuring my earrings.

Everyone should check out this sale!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Beautiful items :) Thanks for showing 'em off!

Merily said...

You're welcome, Cindy! And yup, everyone should check out the sale. :)

Thanks for checking them out, Ruthie!

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