Saturday, December 05, 2009

Another random picture post- animals and gaming

My posting schedule is all sorts of thrown off and the things I've been working on I can't blog about anyway (presents mostly), so I'll do a random picspam (mostly animals and geeky gaming) post. Sorry most of these photos are icky quality; my phone isn't exactly the most modern.

Random cuteness

We took Chloe (dog on left) to the groomers yesterday. When she got home, the other dog Daisy (aka Dustmop) didn't recognize her and kept following her around looking confused. I think it was the perfume and the new hairdo. ;)

Here's a slightly better picture of Chloe looking all pretty:

This was the other day; Clara (my cat) was sleeping all snuggly on the couch against my dad when Daisy jumped up and took over Dad's lap without noticing the cat:

Then she took over more room, but the cat was too lazy to get up and move. Instead she just laid there and glared at me over the dog's butt:

Eventually Clara jumped down, but it was so funny that it took her that long to get annoyed. Silly lazy girl!

And another cat! Josh got up to use the bathroom while we were playing the Order of the Stick game last night, so Bug (my friend's cat) decided he wanted to be Elan:

His plan would have worked had he been able to reach the cards or ask us if we believed in the Power of Banjo. ;)

After he realized that I was winning rather than Josh, he took over my seat:

Bug must have been good luck because boy, I was rocking as Vaarsuvius:

Look at all that loot and shticks! Except I wasn't able to get Blackwing until the very end of the game (seriously, how did the card I want most end up at the bottom of my deck?); the cat must have scared away my raven familiar.

And I took a picture of the board while we were playing:

It just amused me that Haley and Elan had fled the dungeon at the same time (to make out, no doubt), Durkon was stuck between two dark rooms (either he was developing photography or his dwarven infervision wasn't working that day), and V was off blazing his/her own trail all alone on a floor full of loot (no wonder I won. Mwahaha!).

So that concludes my cute and dorky post for this week. I hope you guys don't mind when I post silly stuff like this. :) I promise art-related posts soon!

5 comments: said...

That first picture with chloe... HAHA! It's like she's looking at Daisy like "Ew. Take a bath" or something ;)

Ambient Lights said...

awww, very cute! Bug looks a lot like our black and white kitty =)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Looks like fun!

Orion Designs said...

I love your animal pics! The dogs are adorable and the cats look a bit ornery!

Merily said...

I'm glad you guys like my silly random posts! :D I got some odd pictures of Daisy today, so I'll post those soon. Animals always make for silliness. ;)

LOL! And you're right, Smiss; she does!

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