Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another random post filled with puppies

I've been feeling really crummy lately, so I haven't gotten a Talented Tuesday post ready to go yet. I may get it done today or tomorrow, but I'm not sure. Luckily I had a random picspam post in "draft" mode since September (I kinda forgot about it), and I added a few more photos to it. The first photos were taken months ago and the last few are recent; I apologize for the poor quality ones- those were taken with my phone. And hey, puppies make me feel better, right?

First, my fiancé getting dogpiled by Chloe and Daisy:
Dogpile! Puppies love Josh Dogpile! Puppies love Josh

Puppies love Josh!

Belly rubs!

Of course, the kitty couldn't be left out, either. This is Clara in the middle of a "kitty flop" (that's what we call it when she falls over on her side for tummy rubs).

"Can I have a bite? Can I have a bite?" (This is Daisy doing her usual thing; annoying her big sister while poor Chloe just wants to eat a bone.)

Have I mentioned that Daisy is a fearless little imp? This is her kind of play:

Yup, she's hanging by her teeth far above the ground; you can't see it, but my sister was swinging her back and forth. It was hilarious!

Except Chloe jumped up and grabbed her, and they both came tumbling down:

This was even funnier. If only I'd had my camera handy instead of my phone; I would have recorded it. ;)

And now for some newer pictures- these were right after Daisy got back from the groomer so she has cute little bows in her pigtails/ears:
Photobucket Photobucket

Chloe never moved but Daisy was all "What's that?" because she's ADD dog.


"Hey you kids! Get off my lawn!"

Eep, and I have even more I want to photodump (including awesome stuff I bought/traded for recently), but that'll go up later. :) Hopefully you guys don't mind random pictures of the fuzzbutts who live with me.


Meghann LittleStudio said...

Oh my gosh! So cute! That makes my day better, so thank you!
Hope you feel better VERY Soon!
Meg and Arwen

FunkyMonkey Girls said...

Too cute! Needed that as well, my sinus are killing me. I hope you feel better!


BeadedTail said...

Love the puppies and kitty posts! Thanks for the smiles! Hope you feel better soon!

threadsofmagique said...

I love the puppy and kitty posts! Guaranteed to give a few aws and laughs. Sure hope you're feeling better soon!

Orion Designs said...

Those puppies are just too cute for words!

Merily said...

I'm glad you guys like the silly animal posts. :D

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