Saturday, December 19, 2009

Trove... Saturday- Winter Wonderland

I'm all sorts of thrown off my posting schedule; Saturday is close to Thursday, right? This Trove post is inspired by the fact that, oh boy do we have snow today. You know that big storm that hit most of the east coast? Yeah, it definitely hit the east coast.
Snow 2

And it's not supposed to stop until tomorrow morning; I think they're predicting up to 2 feet of snow. Am I the only one longing for summer?

Anyway, onto the Winter Wonderland Trove, for those of you who happen to like this white stuff. ;)

1.) "Snow Crystals Wall Quilt" by threadsofmagique.
2.) "winter fairy blue ice Hair falls" by SistersOfTheMoon.
3.) "Icy Blue, Cobalt and Lavender Butterfly - A Filigree Sculpted Leather Mask" by beadmask.
4.) "Snowflake . fairy fantasy art 5x7 print" by aquariann.
5.) "Ellyllons Faerie Wings" by blupixie.
6.) "Pegasus and the Unicorn High Quality 5x7 Art Print" by delarenaissance.
7.) "White Fairy Cat Locket with Charms-- Snowflake Fairytail" by SpellboundWings.
8.) "Winter Oak" by Carapace.
9.) "GLASS TILE PENDANT - ICE DRAGON" by flyttamouse.

Edit: And woah, I just snagged a treasury on Etsy! I put all these items in it, either as mains or alternates, and added a few more awesome fantasy icy and snowy things in blues and purples. :) You can find it here until the Monday the 21st at 10:30pm.

Here's a screencap in case you're reading this after Monday night:
A Fantastical Winter Wonderland

To view it larger (so you can see all the usernames), click here. The usernames are in grey under the art- to find the shops, type the username then "" (minus the quotes) in your browser's address bar. For example, the first one would be


mermaiden said...

frozen sparklies- beautiful!

threadsofmagique said...

Wow! that looks like the snowstorm out of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! I almost expected to see the Bumble monster! (Okay, so I like hokey cartoons). Snyway, thanks for including my quilt in such a beautiful trove!

Drea said...

Thanks for including my mask ... I appreciate your effort to help generate interest in my work, and I hope it comes back to you tenfold :)

I blogged about your treasury, and included links to your shop and a few of the other artists' too:

Thanks :)

Merily said...

Thanks, Julie!

Oh man, threadsofmagique, now that you mention it it does looks like something out of the Rudolph movies! Neat! I watch those old Christmas movies WAY too much this time of year. ;) And you're welcome! Your quilt fit in so prettily. :)

Drea- You're very welcome; I love your masks and all your art. :) That's so sweet that you blogged about the treasury and linked to me. Thanks!

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