Thursday, December 31, 2009

Trove Thursday- Happy New Year!

Happy new year, everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates recently; I've been busy with family things and not feeling up do doing much. Mostly I've just been curled up with the new Zelda DS game I got for Christmas- it's so much fun! My updates may be sporadic for a bit longer, though; I'm stopping my meds tomorrow, so I'm predicting feeling pretty lousy (well, lousier than usual; since I've been decreasing, I've been feeling generally icky for a while) for at least a few weeks. Here's to hoping I start to feel better sooner, though! I have so many ideas for things I want to make- I just have to feel up to doing them.

Anyway, this is a Trove Thursday post, and I was able to get a treasury this morning for it. :) The Trove theme is Stand Out at the Party, and is filled with pretty things to wear.
Treasury 12/31
If you're viewing this post before 9:15pm Saturday (the 2nd) night, you can find the treasury by clicking here. If you're reading this after that, click the image to go to the flickr page then click "all sizes" above the image, and it'll take you to a bigger version. The "Alternates" are the ones that the curator of the treasury picks that don't show up for anyone else (at least not until they're switched in), so you get a top secret peek at them here. ;)

And to make them easier to find, here are the links to them:

1.) "Medal, gold and black Venetian style mask" by ladyinthetower.
2.) "New Years Black Gold Crochet Bracelet" by CrochetHooked.
3.) "Gold Glitter Pixie Body and Hair Gel" by BerkanasGarden.
4.) "Black is still the new Black med large" by mtcoffinz. (Alternate)
5.) "Silver Venetian mask with shells, Oceania" by ladyinthetower.
6.) "Celebrate - Leather Pouch" by EvesOriginals.
7.) "Antique Silver Genuine Vintage Aqua Teal AB Glass Cabochon Gothic Lolita Steampunk Earrings" by LondonsGate.
8.) "Magic Party Earrings" by Danagonia. (Alternate)
9.) "Azalean Princess Mask in Crimson Red and Glittering Gold" by artisanmaskers.
10.) "KARA- New Year's Kiss Scarf Kir Royale Red" by smittenkittenorig.
11.) "Ruby Tuesday - Earrings Ruby Red Glass Murano Beads, Antique Brass Chadeliers" by CrystalImpressions.
12.) "Celebrate - beaded Necklace" by wiresNpliers. (Alternate)
13.) "OOAK handmade masquerade mardi gras mask irridescent pink and purple princess mask beautiful Halloween costume" by PixieStixx.
14.) "Amethyst, Ruby, Peridot and Morganite Earrings on Vermeil Hooks - Bouquet" by BrokenTeepeeDesigns.
15.) "Confetti wire wrapped Ring 14 karat Rose Gold-filled Ruby Amethyst Turqoise" by CrysallisCreations.
16.) "Hayley Earrings . Cascading Gemstones" by vickiorion. (Alternate)

And speaking of treasuries, I was honored to find my Hobbiton tree earring in this Arboretum-themed treasury. Thanks for including me, CelestialAxis! :D


mermaiden said...

What a lot of flash and shine!
Cheers to you Meri, to good health and happiness :D

Merily said...

Hooray for shinies!
I'll toast to that! :)

greencottagegallery said...

It's a great looking collection, thanks for including my masks! (Ladyinthetower here under my B&M store name) They look great, but I thought I should mention that you have my mask "Medal" showing while listing it as Thunderchilds, "Black and Gold".
Thanks again, and I'll post a link to this on my blog!

Merily said...

Ah! Thanks for letting me know! I must have switched it when the treasury was going, then updated it here but never updated the screenshot I took of it. Or something like that? Sorry about that! *goes to fix the link so it links to your mask*

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