Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Trove Thursday- Yuletide Treasures

No blog post in a while, huh? I haven't been feeling well (wee, colds that won't go away), so I missed this week's Talented Tuesday post. Don't worry- it'll be up next week! I am going to post Trove Thursday a bit early, though, because this treasury expires Thursday. This time around I filled it with some of friends from Plurk and a few teams.

So here's the Yuletide Treasures Trove:
Treasury 12/1
If you're viewing this post before 9pm Thursday night, you can find the treasury by clicking here. If you're reading this after that, click the image to go to the flickr page then click "all sizes" above the image. The "Alternates" are the ones that the curator of the treasury picks that don't show up for anyone else (at least not until they're switched in), so you get a top secret peek at them here. ;)

I'll also be helpful and link to everyone in it. ;)

1.) "Holly . Christmas fairy art bookmark" by aquariann.
2.) "Artisan Red White .925 Silver Triple Bead Necklace - Peppermint Holiday" by ShinyAdornments.
3.) "Blue Snowy Hair Clips" by smiss00.
4.) "Santa Claus Holiday Christmas Glass Pendant Signed" by DesignsbyLeahBest. (Alternate)
5.) "Green Holiday Snowman Christmas Card" by shesbattydesigns.
6.) "Pink and Gray Snowflake Holiday Cards" by DawnCorrespondence.
7.) "Whisper Spirit Doll" by threadsofmagique.
8.) "SILVER AND GOLD - Sterling Silver Earrings with 14 KGF" by Ctbydonna. (Alternate)
9.) "candy cane hugger ornament" by auntifranni.
10.) "Double Jingle Bells Boot Jewelry, Holiday Sale" by 88Links.
11.) "Snowdrop -- OOAK woven necklace with crystals, vintage, and more" by ErtheFae.
12.) "Swirled Necklace - Aqua and Red" by catiesblue. (Alternate)
13.) "Christmas in Crystal Necklace" by roseworksjewelry.
14.) "Personalized Gingerbread Man Ornament" by 28SidesDesigns.
15.) "FROSTY NECKLACE - Lampwork, Snowflake Obsidian, Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Silver Necklace" by signaturesterling.
16.) "Wristlet with Bracelet in Bold Stripes" by TiLTcreations. (Alternate)


luthien said...

nice selection my fren :))
hope you're getting better ... i know, the bug is going around isn't it ... internationally! UGH!! so many of my frens here are not well too ...

Merily said...

Thanks! Aww, and thanks! You're right- so many people are sick right now. My poor fiancé had the swine flu then a bit of pneumonia, then right after that he caught my cold. The poor guy!

FunkyMonkey Girls said...

Glad you are feeling better, at least it wasn't H1N1, that is some nasty stuff. I had it and won't wish it on my worse enenmy....


Merily said...

Yeah, H1N1 is nasty; my fiancé got hit with it and I'm really hoping I don't catch it at some point. I'm already having enough health problems as it is.

Lady Steel said...

Gret pics! Thanks for including my chains. Happy Holidays

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