Sunday, January 03, 2010

2003-2009 Art Meme

2003 - 2009 Meme by ~merigreenleaf on deviantART
My friend Niere did this game, so I decided to do it, as well. :) Click it to go to the DeviantART page, then click it again to see it full size so you can read it.

The first few years I didn't do much art because I was in college, then concentrating more on writing and roleplaying than art. I didn't really pick up art in a big way until late 2006; unfortunately, I don't have pictures of any of my early crocheted stuff, so my crochet ended up appearing under 2007.

It's crazy how much my art has improved- I can make things now that I never dreamed that I'd be able to when I first started crafting in 2006, and even my drawings (which I don't practice nearly as much as the physical art) have improved greatly. In 2003 I never would have been able to draw a dragon!

The problem is I keep finding more and more things to add to this; by 2008-2009 I was doing so many kinds of art that I needed way more than four spaces!

For 2010 I have a bunch of ideas: I'm planning on new designs for jewelry and costume accessories (and combining the two- like attaching my chain earrings to my costume ears), and I want to start making fantasy keychains and learning new weaves for chainmaille and knots for hemp. I'd also like to improve my skills with polymer clay and work on more icons and computer graphics this year. Oh, and get back to painting things onto fabric again; I haven't done that since early 2008.

And drawing; I want to work on drawing some more, too. I'm going to start by drawing some of my Dungeons and Dragons characters, so look for that soon. ;)


luthien said...

ahhh ... we can only get better thru time :) we not improve our art but art improves us as a person ... that's what i feel. i've not been at this long, perhaps as long as i've blogged, that is about over a year ... but i've felt tremendous self improvement :) may your self and artistic pursuits in 2010 soar to new heights my fren :)))

Merily said...

That makes sense to me- I like the idea of improving overall over time. :)
Aww, same to you, Luthien! *hugs!*

Carey Lynn said...

isn't it amazing how much we improve our skills over time? I love your creative ideas - best of all to you in 2010!

Merily said...

Thanks, Carey Lynn! A lot of my art has improved- I definitely have to work on drawing, though.

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