Monday, January 25, 2010

Art update: jewelry, a dragon scarf, and wolf ears

Whoops! Had this post saved and ready to be posted, but then forgot to make it go live. So this is a bit behind, but it's some of the stuff I've finished lately. :)

First some jewelry:
Jewelry for my Mommom

These aren't really new, but I hadn't blogged them yet; I made these earrings and bracelet for my grandmother for Christmas and her birthday (her birthday was two days after Christmas). The picture doesn't do them justice because the earrings and bracelet are really cute!

I tried to make the earrings in colors that are kinda Christmas-y, but could be worn year-round. I made the bracelet to kinda match the earrings and the anklet I had made her before. The round beads are ones that I got from an old thrift store necklace that I took apart (well, my friend had gotten the old jewelry, then gave it to me), and the other beads were matching glass ones I had in my stash. :) It's on an elastic cord so it's easy for my Mommom to take on and off.

My first knotted hemp bracelet!

I don't think I shared this one yet- this bracelet is my first finished knotted hemp thing (I practiced first on some random cord to learn some knots). I think it came out pretty well. :)

Butterfly Cartilage Chain Earrings

These were a custom order for one of my very favorite customers. :D Basically it's the Imladris earring in my shop, but with a matching lobe earring and a cuff on top.

I really have to find more of these butterfly charms- I've only got one left, but I can't find ones this cute. :( So if anyone knows where I can find these exact butterflies, please let me know!

Edit: And as I was posting this, I just got a package from my awesome friend Luthien with a whole bunch of the butterflies in it! *lots and lots of hugs!* Thank you so much, Luthien!

The other things I've finished lately were crochet:
Green Dragon Scarf
Green Dragon Scarf - Sneaking up on you!

I made this dragon scarf for a Crochet-Along on Ravelry; the pattern was designed by crochetqueen. We're allowed to sell what we make from this pattern (as long as we credit the designer), so I want to add these to my shop. :)

I wanted to use yellow-green yarn coming out of its nose to represent the chlorine gas that green dragons breathe (yup, I'm a D&D player, so accuracy is important, lol), but the only fluffy green yarn I had was this light green stuff. I joked that it looks like snot. ;) Everything on this dragon is yarn, even the eyes (I crocheted those, too. I was going to use felt, but it wouldn't stay glued on).

Overall, I love how this guy came out! :D Next time I'm going to make one longer (I prefer really long scarves), and maybe make the snout longer. And maybe come up with some wings and horns? Generally I put horns on dragons.

And the other thing I finished lately are these wolf ears:
Wolf Ears
Wolf Ears - bent

They're in my Etsy shop here and my Artfire shop here. I made them for the "Wolf Moon" challenge the FAEteam is doing this month, but they'd also work as dog or cat ears.

They're crocheted from acrylic yarn and fun fur yarn. The headband is white, the center of the ears are grey yarn, and the outside of the ears are also grey, but with fun fur that shifts from white to grey to an almost-black, so they don't quite match (I figured that's fine since animals tend to have mottled fur). There are pipecleaners crocheted into the outside of the ear, so they can be bent in pretty much any direction, like you can see in the bottom picture. Well, kinda see. It was really hard for the bent part to show up in the photo when the lighting was terrible; can it be spring yet? I miss being able to take good outdoor photos.


luthien said...

you're welcome my sweet elf fren :)) and might i add ... the ears are WICKED!!

Merily said...

*hugs!* You're awesome, Luthien. :D And thanks! I'm working on a pair of striped Cheshire cat ears now for someone. :)

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