Tuesday, January 05, 2010

D&D character (NPC) development

Someday I'll get to posting the art I made for Christmas presents and awesome things I've gotten recently, and get back into my posting schedule for Talented Tuesday and Presenting Pretties, but it's not this day (sorry- I've been feeling so lethargic lately that I'm all sorts of behind with everything). Today I'm just going to post about a drawing I did of the character who is going to be my main NPC for the Dungeons and Dragons game I'm going to be running. Yeah, I haven't felt up to doing much, but luckily I have been putting together said game.

Elfling drawing, 1st try at the character design

Oh man. Between not drawing in *months*, a black pen that's far too thick for the details that were originally on the drawing in pencil (I swear, it looked a lot better in pencil!), and taking a picture rather than scanning it in (that green is supposed to be a dark forest green, not a minty green), this picture is definitely not up to par with where I left off with drawings about a year ago.

That's not a tunic; it's a wizard robe that she hemmed to be knee-length so it doesn't get in the way when she's off Elf-ing about. I gotta work on the design for that, too. I wanted to make the robe look kinda bunched where it's tucked under the belt and bracers, but it didn't really work. And the longbow ended up looking like a banana. And her eyes... they definitely looked less bizarre in pencil before I inked it. Note to self: get better drawing pens.

Yeah, I definitely have to work on drawing again! I'm going to keep working at the character design, though, and will hopefully get a character sketch done that I'm more satisfied with. Then probably draw more NPCs. Because I'm crazy like that.

This is going to be my main NPC in the D&D game (as in she's going to be part of the adventuring party, rather than someone they meet once). She's an Elfling (Wood Elf/Halfling) fighter/wizard, although she'll be the first to admit that she's more fighter than wizard. She was raised as a Wood Elf (although she does know a bit about Halflings from her mother), generally acts and dresses like an Elf (she's slightly shorter and will occasionally go barefoot, but she's got the stealth, the archery skills, and the tattoos of her father's kin), and is entirely uncomfortable with being indoors or underground. In a tree is preferable, but she'll take anything outdoors. Except the sea. She doesn't like large bodies of water, either (she gets that from the Wood Elf side). She'd have preferred to be a regular Elf, but when her father realized she was using magic to help guard their camp (Wood Elves are nomadic; they don't have a home base, just tents), he had the good sense to send her off to the nearest wizard before she ended up catching the forest on fire or something. And have I mentioned that she has a much better sense of humor than you'd expect from a Wood Elf? (That's not saying much, though, lol!) Her personality is the only real Halfling thing about her; she's much more cheerful and charismatic and fun than you'd expect from someone who looks like a Wood Elf. ;)

Note to Ruthie and anyone reading this who happens to be in the D&D group: remember, your character won't know anything about my NPCs, so even if you now know a bit about her, they wouldn't know anything. Trust me, a character like this is going to leave yours scratching their heads because she's so ... well, contradictory. ;) I suppose I should have kept this secret, but I'm so excited about running a game and playing a character who is my favorite race/s. :D (She's not quite the Elfling that's my alter-ego, but she's close, so I'm happy!)

I'll probably be blogging more D&D-related stuff in the future, so don't mind me. :)


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I'll be a good girl and try to forget everything you just told me :P I'm excited though! Your character sounds like a lot of fun :D

On a slightly side note - I can't draw to save my life - so after I send you the completed character file on my character if you want to draw her at any point - be my guest :D

Merily said...

lol! Sounds like a plan. ;) Oh man, I'm so looking forward to getting to play her! :D

Ooo, I can do that! I'm not the best artist, but I can certainly try.

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