Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lots of geeky (mostly video game) plushies

I've made a whole bunch of video game and generally geeky dolls recently, and since it's past the holidays, that means I can share them. Yay! This is going to be a very image-heavy post, though. I warned ya. ;)

First up are the dolls I custom made for the same person who wanted the Henry Hatsworth doll for her husband. I'm so glad they both like them because I think they came out so cute! :D These two dolls are from the same game ("Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure"), but since I still haven't played it yet (I did buy it, though! I'm waiting until I finish Zelda: Spirit Tracks before I start it because I have this awful habit of getting distracted before I can finish a Zelda game), I had to go off of pictures of the characters.

Meet Cole and Weasleby:
Cole and Weasleby (Henry Hatsworth) Plushies

(Click to view the smaller images larger)
Cole (Henry Hatsworth) Plushie Cole (Henry Hatsworth) Plushie

Weasleby (Henry Hatsworth) Plushie Weasleby (Henry Hatsworth) Plushie

The kid is Cole and the other one is Weasleby. They're both almost entirely crocheted from acrylic yarn and have felt and polymer clay bits added (the suspenders, the strap of the glasses, the belt, and the band around Weasleby's hat [you can't see it well in these pictures, though] are felt, and the glasses and cane are polymer clay), and the facial details are painted on with fabric and acrylic paints.

These two came out so cute; I'm very very proud of them. :D

The other dolls I made lately were for my fiancé as Christmas presents. These four were entirely from patterns so I can't claim the creativity and skill with them that I can with the above dolls. Someday I'll design my own Mario crochet things, though! For now it was just easier to make these off an already existing pattern. Most of the patterns came from this awesome crochet blog; the tiny mushroom came from here.

Super Mario Bros Plushies

Two mushrooms (one's on a keyring- Josh keeps this on his laptop bag), a Fireflower, and a Bobomb.

Once again, click the images to see them larger:
Fireflower doll

Bobomb plushie

Mario Mushrooms

Random present for Josh:
Crocheted D4 (4 sided die)

Okay, so it's still kinda wonky looking, but I'm slowly making my way towards a crocheted die that looks like a die. I figured I'd start with a 4-sided one since that's the easiest of the shapes (ie has less sides to crochet, lol). I'll keep working at it, but I gave this one to Josh.

And lastly, another doll of my own design... well, I used a pattern for the shape of the head/body and limbs (like I always do with my small dolls- it came from one of the fairy dolls here), but everything else is my own (the overalls, the hat, nose, ears, mustache, hair...).

Luigi (from Mario Bros)
Luigi doll

This originally started out as gift for my friend to give her grandson, but I didn't have enough time to finish it and get it to her before Christmas, so I ended up finishing it and giving it to my fiancé instead (he, too, really likes Luigi).

He's crocheted out of acrylic yarn and I used fabric paint for the L on the hat and the buttons on the overalls (yeah yeah, I think the buttons are the wrong color, but I didn't have a more yellow paint). The eyes are plastic safety eyes I painted blue.

I'm pretty happy with how he came out, except next time I make a Luigi I'm going to fiddle with the overalls more; they came out kinda thick in the front and I didn't cross them in the back the way overalls usually are. Still, my fiancé loved it. :D Pardon the Christmas tablecloth; as I was wrapping the crocheted gifts I realized "Eep! I need to get a picture!". His ears look off center, but that's just the crummy photo; they're actually fine.

I think I have pictures of more things I made for gifts, but those'll wait until later. This is enough art for one post, methinks. ;)


Melissa said...

Yay! Geeky plushies! They're all so adorable. Nice job!

Jenn said...

I love them! Especially the Luigi. :)

mermaiden said...

you really do such a wonderful job on your plushies!

luthien said...

well done with the plushies as always!! i am in awe of your needlework!!

Merily said...

Thanks, guys! These were so much fun to make. :D

promotional keychain importers said...

Great items, all are looking hand made items.

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