Thursday, January 14, 2010

Trove Thursday- Be My (Elven) Valentine

Arg, I missed Talented Tuesday again this week, didn't I? I'll try my hardest to get the interviews going again next week. The good news is, I am doing a Trove Thursday post on schedule. This week's theme is in honor of Valentine's Day coming up and is called Be My (Elven) Valentine. Did you expect anything else from me? ;)

Treasury 1/14
If you're viewing this post before 6:15pm Saturday night (the 16th), you can find the treasury by clicking here. If you're reading this after that, click the image to go to the flickr page then click "all sizes" above the image, and it'll take you to a bigger version. From there, just type the username (that's the name in grey under the images) into your browser's address bar and add "" (minus the quotes) to get to the relevant shop. For example, the first one will be

The "Alternates" are the ones that the curator of the treasury picks that don't show up for anyone else (at least not until they're switched in), so you get a top secret peek at them here. ;)

To make the linking even easier, here are the items:
1.) "Elf Sweethearts 8x10 Archival Giclee Fantasy Fairy Print" by magickmermaid.
2.) "Fairy Romance...Ruby and Emerald Sterling Wrap" by GoddessAdornments.
3.) "A'maelamin 5x7 Fine Art Print" by twosilverstars.
4.) "Forevermore" by pimpandpaint. (Alternate)
5.) "love gnomes / needle felted and whimsical / valentine's day gift" by SewnNatural.
6.) "Swirled Hearts Armlet, Upper Arm Band" by 88Links.
7.) "Realm of Love Map ... PRINT (Fantasy Cartography and Imaginary Places)" by paintandink.
8.) "Queen of Hearts Valentine's Day Elf Hat" by RagamuffinDesign. (Alternate)
9.) "Heart of the forest" by Danagonia.
10.) "In the Eyes of Love - Print" by Mizzdraconia.
11.) "Rose Fairy Earrings" by Danagonia. (Whoops! Got her in here twice; ah well, her jewelry is lovely, so I doubt anyone will mind.) ;)
12.) "Blossom love Act 1 ACEO - limited edition print 5/20 by Delphine Levesque Demers" by zerick. (Alternate)
13.) "PERSONALIZED SYLVAN LOVE-KNOT PENDANT - pyrography design" by flyttamouse.
14.) "Red Fairy Elven Forest Necklace" by Thyme2dream.
15.) "Valentines Faeries Watercolor Art Print" by PencilShavings.
16.) "Heart's Desire Earrings" by AthenasArmoury. (Alternate)


Melissa said...

Ooh. I love the art prints! I mean, the other stuff is pretty too, but I'm a sucker for drawings and paintings (since that's more in line with what I do). Nice treasury.

luthien said...

OMG!! where did you find such fantastic entries!! this treasury is just awesome! i must go and check out some of the items in there. and thanks for including "forevermore" as alternate and the shoutout :))) much appreciated!! MUAX!!

mermaiden said...

so *YOU*, and I love it!

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