Friday, January 29, 2010

Wolf Moon / Old Moon

The regulars in the FAE(Fantasy Artists of Etsy) team thread have decided to do challenges once a month based on the moon. January's theme was "Wolf Moon" or "Old Moon" and we ended up with some lovely items based on both. :) My teammate Julie (Mermaiden) wrote up a cool blog post about why the first moon of the year is called "Old Moon", and a bit about why it's called "Wolf Moon", as well.

Here are the awesome things the FAE team came up with:

"Star Stretch . wolf moon fantasy art magnet" by aquariann

"Wolf Hunter Chain Maille Necklace" by AthenasArmoury

"Snow White Wolves Dance Around the New Old Winter Moon in Blue January Midnight" by Carapace

"Talisman of Minas Ithil Tower of the Moon Stained Glass Pendant" by mermaidencreations

"Mother Moon at Dawn -- OOAK Beaded Fantasy Moon Necklace" by ErtheFae

Personally, I decided that "Wolf Moon" sounded a lot more fun than "Old Moon" (what can I say, I love animals), so I went with that. ;) I already blogged about these ears, but I'll share them again:

I think there may still be some teammates working on wolfy or moony things, so I may add more to this post later. :)

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