Saturday, February 06, 2010

Turning of the Wheel challenge

I made these runes for a "Turning of the Wheel" challenge:
Seasons of the Forest - Elder Futhark Runestones (fronts)

Seasons of the Forest - Elder Futhark Runestones (backs)

You can find them here on Etsy and here on Artfire. The photos really don't do these justice at all (I was having issues with my camera, so the blurriness doesn't help). They're so shiny and reflect so many colors!

For me, "Turning of the Wheel" meant the changing seasons reflected in the trees and woods. There are four sets of colors to these runes, with 7 of each color (6 with a rune and an extra blank one for each color). The colors are:
Spring: green/brown (buds and leaves blooming on the trees). These are made from brown polymer clay with green and silver shiny powders dusted over. The runes on the back of these are purple.
Summer: blue/green (blue skies, streams, and wildflowers in the forest). These are green clay with a coating of blue powder. The runes on the back of these are blue.
Fall: purple/green (berries and changing leaves). These are purple clay with a mixture of green/purple powder; the runes on these are purple.
Winter: blue/white (snow and clear, cold skies). These are white clay with blue powder, and the runes are painted in blue.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Off to vote for you! Those came out fantastic :)

Merily said...

Aww, thanks! :D

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