Saturday, February 27, 2010

Delayed art update- bracers, chainmaille, and jewelry

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. This has been an awful month between family issues (I lost both my grandfather and an aunt) and my health (stress making me sicker and I pulled muscles in my sides so I haven't been able to craft for over a week). I even had to stop doing the Ravelympics because I wasn't up to crocheting. :( Luckily I finished one event, but I haven't had a chance to start the doll I wanted to make or finish the laptop bag. Here's to hoping March is a much better month!

I did finish a few art things this month, though:

First up is this chainmaille circlet for the EarthPath Artisans "Midwinter" challenge (psst! You have another 12 hours to go vote on that!).
Blue, Silver, and Gold Chainmaille Circlet - Midwinter Skies

I tried to think of something besides snow and ice to use for "Midwinter", but since I live on the east coast and we've had snow on the ground for months, snow and ice is what it ended up as (amusingly enough, I needed an extension on this challenge because I was snowed in away from my supplies). The blue rings are for the sky and the silver ones represent snow and ice. The gold colored rings in the center and the yellow beads represent the sun, though, to show that the wheel of the year will turn and the days will start to lengthen. The sun always seems to be the brightest when the world is covered in snow.

This chainmaille circlet is made from bright aluminum (the silver color) and anodized aluminum rings in blue and yellow. Dangling from this circlet are five groups of beads (mostly acrylic, although the center one may be glass). This is here on Etsy and here on Artfire.

I made this chainmaille anklet for the Artisan Beaders Street Team's "Look of Love" challenge (you can see what my teammates came up with here. This wasn't a voting challenge, just something to inspire us).
Red and Pink Chainmaille Anklet- Look of Love

This anklet is made from bright aluminum (the silver color) and red and pink anodized aluminum rings, and closes with a lobster clasp. Dangling from each of the points are are small red and clear acrylic beads, and a larger pink (with black stripes) round acrylic bead. I really like this style, so I'll have to make more in other colors. It's here on Etsy and here on Artfire.

Next are the bracers I made for the EtsyHookers "Variegated Yarn" challenge:
Crocheted Camouflage Wood Elf Bracers

This pair of bracers are crocheted from camouflage tan/green/brown/black acrylic yarn and the lacing is a velvety olive green ribbon. These can be found here on Etsy and here on Artfire.

The last thing I listed recently is this cartilage earring:
Hot Pink and Black Cartilage Chain Earring

I actually made this a few months ago, but completely forgot that I hadn't listed it yet. It's here on Etsy and here on Artfire.

And for a random piece of jewelry, I made this bracelet as a birthday present for my godmother:
Blue and green bracelet

It's glass and plastic beads on an elastic cord. It's so much prettier than it looks in that photo; I love those colors!

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