Sunday, February 21, 2010

I have a laptop now! :D

I feel really bad that I haven't been able to do the Ravelympics for a few days because I was looking forward to it- I'm hoping to do a bit more before the Olympics are over, but I'm still sore and don't really want to crochet and make it worse, and I'm just worn out from the past week and my grandfather's funeral. Basically I've just been reading, playing Zelda, and watching said Olympics.

In my next post I'll share what I've made lately, but right now I wanted to post about Goldberry. No, not the LotR character- my new laptop:

Josh got the laptop in a trade for two cases of beer, then did his technology magic and made it run all nicely for me. :) It's about eight years old and was a bit scratched up, so for Valentine's Day he got me a skin/sticker for it. It's green and leafy! :D He also gave me his mouse because using the touchpad was driving me nuts (I wonder if I can get a green decal for the mouse?), and got me a new battery for it because the old one only held a charge for about 45 minutes.

It's named Goldberry because my stuff always gets LotR names (well, except my iPod; that's named after Link). My car is Celebrian (my old car was Frodo), my desktop computer is Radagast, and something to do with my computers (network maybe?) is Isengard. If my cat hadn't come with a cute name, she probably would have gotten one, too, lol. ...And I'm kinda surprised that nothing has gotten a Mirkwoody name yet, although I suppose Radagast is close since he lived near there.

Eventually I'll get that laptop case/bag finished and I'll have to crochet water lilies or something to sew on it to match the laptop's name. I'd also like to add more greens or blues to the inside of the laptop, too, but I hadn't thought of how to do that yet.

Josh also gave me flowers! :D

I love roses and these are really pretty!

And since I'm geeking out over here, I wanted to share a picture of the wood elf type doll I got in a trade with my friend Donna (although it was made by her sister Judy) of Threads of Magique:

He's so adorable! He arrived Saturday and put a big smile on my face right when I needed it. :) He's currently living on my desk under my little fake Christmas tree that I think I'm going to leave up year round because it adds green to my desk.


Athena's Armoury said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. {hugs}

Sounds like you made out like a bandit this week! Enjoy your groovy new green laptop and that doll is really adorable.

Merily said...

*hugs!* Thanks. It's just been a crazy week- we also heard last night that one of my aunts (on the other side of my family than my grandfather) passed away. It's a weird year.

Yup! I've got nice distracting things this week. :)

threadsofmagique said...

I'm so glad your doll got there in good time! The man at the post office sent it parcel post by mistake so I was afraid it would take awhile. Of course, those crafty elves can always find their way home! Congratulations on the laptop. I couldn't live without mine. Take care of yourself (hugs)

Ruthie said...

Love seeing the pic of your new laptop! :D *hugs* I know it's been a hard time lately...

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