Friday, February 05, 2010

Trove Thursday- To Melt Winter's Heart

Yup, I know it's Friday, but I promise this Trove post is worth the delay. You may have noticed that I always have an Etsy Mini at the top left corner of my blog; this is because the FAEteam (Fantasy Artists of Etsy) always has an exhibition going with themed items, and since a new one started this week, I figured I'd also make a Trove post about it. :) This month's exhibition theme is To Melt Winter's Heart and it can be found here. I could only fit nine things in this Trove post, so please click that link to view all the other pretties in the exhibition (I may post more of the items in a later Trove post, as well).

1.) "Calida the Chili Fairy an OOAK Cloth Art Doll" by fairiesnest.
2.) "Hestia - Handmade Paper and Twig Lamp" by wyldewoodpapers.
3.) "Realm of Love Map ... PRINT (Fantasy Cartography and Imaginary Places)" by paintandink.
4.) "Heart Like A Wheel Round Purse Shoulder Bag" by SEStudio.
5.) "Sun-Kissed Citrus - Soy Spell Candle" by MoonlitHerbals.
6.) "Winter-Spring Romance 8x10 Print" by carritravis.
7.) "Dashing Mulberry Lace and Satin" by NightLilyDesign.
8.) "Red Sun Shines on the Ice Wall Over The Snow Queen's Molten Heart Original Watercolor" by Carapace.
9.) "Medieval Kiss Stained Glass Pendant" by mermaidencreations.

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