Monday, March 29, 2010

Book review- Love's Shadow

Time for another book review! This time around I'm reviewing Love's Shadow by Ada Leverson. Unlike most (all?) of the books I've received from the Library Thing Early Reviewer's program, this one isn't new. Far from it, in fact; it was published in 1908.

Leverson was a contemporary and friend of Oscar Wilde and, according to the back cover of the book, was called "the wittiest woman in the world" by him, so I had high hopes for this book going into it (I love wit and I love Wilde). To give a short summary, this book is a comedy about a small group of interconnected people from London, their interactions with each other and the quirks and small problems each of them have. I don't really want to give away more, since that's really the plot of the book.

Even after finishing it, though, I'm not really sure what I think of the book. I can't think of anything I hated about it and the dialog was very good, but... Well, for one thing the most important thing to me when I read are characters- and the character in this book were very flat and had very little character development or personality. That said, however, I think that was rather the point; they read like caricatures of people from that time, which I have a feeling was what Leverson intended.

I did enjoy the dialog (and this book is mostly dialog), but it wasn't quite as witty as I'd hoped from Wilde's lauding, and it didn't make up for the lack of plot. A few small things happened and people talked about other people and themselves, but the plot was nonexistent.

It took me a while to finish this book because it's not much of a page-turner, but, for all that this review is negative, I did like the book and will be on the lookout for more of Leverson's works (she's definitely worth giving a second chance!). It's not the best book I've ever read, but it's not a bad read, either. I'll give Love's Shadow three stars out of five.

Unrelated to the story, there is one thing I really didn't like- the cover. Everyone kept assuming I was reading a trashy romance novel, which couldn't be farther from what this book is. Unfortunately, the book is too large to fit in my paperback book cover, but too short to fit in my hardback cover. It's not that the cover is ugly (it's not), it's just that it's bright pink and the book is called Love's Shadow.

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I had another book review queued up, but I'll post this one first because it's a LibraryThing book and I need to post those to the site.

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Rose Works Jewelry said...

That's too funny that everyone thought you were reading a trashy romance! LOL

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