Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trove Thursday (Part 2) - Chainmaille

Eep, silly me almost forgot about the blogfire theme this week, or I would have turned the Trove Thursday post into one. So hey, it looks like you get two Trove-ish posts this week. ;) I decided to go with "Wow Items: Necklaces" (there were two other themes, but I liked this best), and I'm going to feature chainmaille necklaces.

I'm going to get started with my favorite necklace from my own shop:

That's my "Mermaid chainmaille & bottle necklace- Familiar of an Undine" (awkward, but Artfire didn't allow me to make it "Undine's Familiar").

And now on to the part I enjoy most about these feature posts- featuring other artists! (What can I say, I love window shopping.) ;)

Just click the image to be taken to the listing page. There are so many talented chainmaille artists on Artfire that it was so hard to narrow it down to 9!


Athena's Armoury said...

Hey! Thanks for featuring my Aeracura Necklace!

Brett Sutcliffe said...

Wow how can you come with this idea? This is really amazing piece.

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