Saturday, April 24, 2010

Art update- more horns, drawings, jewelry, writing... I've been busy!

Ugh, while I was typing this up the other day I accidentally hit the enter button and it published way earlier than I wanted it to because I wasn't finished yet. Of course, that means it went to everyone's RSS feeds when I didn't want it to. Sigh. Sorry about that, guys. This is the real post.

Amazingly I've had another productive week! My muses are really working overtime; I've done a bunch of things, so I'll split them up to keep them organized. I think if I have this much stuff next week, I'll split it into two posts because I know how much people hate reading full paragraphs. (Eep, not words!) I can't help it; I've verbose. At least I stuck a bunch of pictures in here for those who are loath to reading. ;)

Cyneric is shaping up to be quite a good writing muse! I wrote another ficlet/short story post called "A gift from a fox", which turned out to be about 675 words, and I have another two blog posts worth of story written up for later. What's great about this is that while Josh is giving me liberties to come up with almost anything for my bit in the world he created, it's also giving him ideas for his D&D game, so we're feeding off eachother's creativity. :D

If you'd like to keep up with my writing, you can find it over on Cyn's Musings of a Messenger blog.

And while you're there, can you let me know if the italics are difficult to read? I like typing that way because it looks most like handwriting, but I don't want to give people headaches and scare them away. It's hard enough to get people to give me feedback on the writing, lol.

It's been a while since I broke out the pencils and pens. My friend Niere wanted avatar art and I figured I'd chip in (hey, I can use the practice!). I'm not anywhere near as good at drawing as she is, but I think this one came out pretty well compared to my last few tries at drawing people:
Drawing of my friend's elf alter-ego

I know I need practice on hands, but the fact that I don't have good inking pens really doesn't help. What started out looking okay ended up all sorts of weird when I tried to ink it, and the pen left little blotches that I tried to edit out in Paintshop with little luck.

The other drawing I finished is, surprise, related to the story I'm working on. My art and writing muses have gotten jumbled together, it seems:
Sketch of Kid-Cyneric and a fox

The fox came out great. The human, not so much, but since that was my first try at drawing someone sitting and not facing straight ahead, it's a good start. I'll rework this until I end up with something I like more. (As it is, I had to paintshop together multiple sketches to get it where it is now, and I'm still not sure if I made him look anywhere near the age he was when the backstory took place.)

I think I figured out another problem, as well as the lack of good pens: I draw too tiny. My sketchbook is small to start, then I take up a small portion of the page instead of stretching out the drawing, so it always ends up getting smeared and I lose track of the lines when I ink it. Note to self: draw larger.

I've been a horn making fiend lately (and by "fiend" I mean "have made six pairs"). I'm especially excited about the latest two pairs, but you'll have to wait to see them. ;) Here are the most recently listed pairs, though:
Purple and Black Dragon Costume Horns Purple and Black Dragon Costume Horns
"Purple and Black Dragon Costume Horns" on Artfire and Etsy.

Small Brown Curved Faun or Dryad Costume Horns
"Small Brown Curved Faun or Dryad Costume Horns" on Artfire and Etsy.

I also listed two more hemp bracelets/anklets this week:
Hemp flower bracelet - Hawaiian Dune
"Hawaiian Dune" on Artfire and Etsy

Red and orange hemp bracelet or anklet - Summer Fire
"Summer Fire" on Artfire and Etsy

I really need my sister to come over soon so I can get her to model the two necklaces I made a week or two ago- as soon as I get those photos, I'll share the necklaces. :)

***Random Ramblings:***
And Cyneric has inadvertently been a double-muse lately; as well as my sketches, you'll also start to see in these art updates that I'm working in a lot less greens and blues (my colors of choice) and a lot more reds, oranges, yellows, and purples than usual. I normally avoid those colors (well, minus the purple- I use that occasionally since it's next to blue so it's fine by association and technically counts as "cool") like the plague because, ick, the dreaded warm side of the color wheel, but since Cyn loves warm colors and he's been taking over my head for a good portion of each day... Yeah, he's had some influence on what I'm making as well as what I'm writing. I refuse to completely give up on green, though. ;)

My muse is Fire and I'm a Water (okay, Water with a good deal of Earth) and he's very much my opposite in almost every way... oh boy, this'll get interesting if he continues to stick around; who knows what I may end up creating?


Ruthie said...

I love seeing all the stuff you've been creating!

Merily said...

Thanks, Ruthie! :D

Athena's Armoury said...

I am *really* digging the sparkly purple horns.

Tebonin said...

U r so creative. Love this interesting stuffs.

Gemfind said...

Awesome great work. :)

Merily said...

Thanks! :D

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