Thursday, April 08, 2010

Art update- Smaug sculpture, earrings, and hemp jewelry

I'm behind with posting things I've made, aren't I? I have a really neat thing to share that I made months ago (I had to wait until after Valentine's day to post about it, then I forgot. Oops!), but the photos are on my other computer, so that'll have to wait. Until then, I'll just share the jewelry I've made recently and the sculpture Josh and I made for my dad for his birthday (I haven't shared that, right?).

My dad is really into The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, so we decided to make him a sculpture of Smaug to match the drawing I did last year.
Smaug Sculpture

Smaug Sculpture
Josh made the dragon and I did the base, then cooked and varnished Smaug- it's all made from polymer clay and the dragon is coated in Pearl-Ex powder. My dad really loves it! :D

And now onto jewelry!
I made this earring as a custom order for someone who wanted this one but with gold findings:
Fire Dragon cartilage chain earring

And this earring was made for last month's FAEteam "Crow Moon/ Sap Moon/ Lenten Moon" challenge:
Maple Leaf Green and Brown Cartilage Chain Earring - Sap Moon

Of course, being the elf-y girl I am, I opted for the "Sap Moon" option. You can find this earring here on Etsy and here on Artfire.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I'm going to start geocaching soon, so I made a whole bunch of hemp bracelets to leave as swag for the larger caches:
Pile o'jewelry
(In that pile are also three necklaces I made that I'll be listing in my shop and blogging about soon.) I stuck each bracelet in a small baggie with a description about what it was, my team name (Taurandirath) and a link to me and my Elf Sister's adventure blog.

Since I had a lot of fun making those bracelets, I decided to make a batch for my shop, as well. Here's the first one:
Firebird - red and tan hemp bracelet/anklet

I call that bracelet/anklet "Firebird" because the red beads remind me of the shape and color of a phoenix. That one's here on Etsy and here on Artfire.

I'm going to have to sort through my Artfire shop, though; I fixed Etsy to have new categories, but I need to manually edit the images I use for categories in my Artfire shop, and I can't currently get to my desktop computer (my sister moved out and my parents are redoing that room). Now that I have bracelets that double as anklets as well as necklaces that do, I have to re-sort a lot of things.

It's been oddly warm here (ie HOT- it's hit 90 degrees this week), so Spring was jump-started and now everything is green. That's awesome because now I can take decent photos again! :) Except I seem to have forgotten how to use the multi-zoom function on my camera and am getting a few blurry photos. I'll work on that this week, I guess.

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