Friday, April 23, 2010

I have really awesome friends

I was having a really really crummy day yesterday (mainly caused by my mother, but that's no surprise) but things got a lot better, so I'd like to share. :) I finally felt up to going out and was able to hang out with my best friend, her mom (who's also a good friend), her boyfriend, and my fiancé. I got some cool dice beads off of Care, then she surprised me with this necklace she and her mom had got/made for me:

It's a red fox on green ribbon cord with some silver-y beads, which is perfect. Foxes mean a lot to me; they're one of my favorite animals (just below housecats) and since they're Cyneric's totem animal and he's been inhabiting my head a lot, foxes have become doubly important. Needless to say, I'll be wearing this every day. :D Thanks so much, guys, for thinking of me! And yup, since she mentioned how the fox seemed to have cat eyes instead of fox eyes, I attacked them with some black paint and fixed the pupils.

And then when I got home I saw that my friend Niere had left me a message on gaia; she's one of the two friends I had asked to draw me pictures of Cyneric, so I was extremely excited to see that the subject line was "Art for you". And let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed! Niere is an amazing artist and has often drawn me awesome art (which reminds me- I need to change my AF banner to use the drawing she did of my art muse), and this time was no different. Look at the great job she did:

(Click to view it larger)
Yup, that's my Cyn, alright! Winged fox quarterstaff (which seems to be based on the one my doll has- cool!), smirk, and all. I'm completely and utterly pleased with this drawing and I've already put it up on Cyn's blog.

So *big hugs!* to these awesome friends who made me feel a whole heck of a lot better. Friends are just great people to have around and certainly make up for the shortcomings of family. :)


Melissa said...

Yeah. I totally traced the top of that staff from the plushie you made. <.< >.> Everything else is my doing though. So glad you liked it. ^^

That fox necklace is adorable.

Merily said...

Aha! I thought it looked familiar. ;) I showed the drawing to my dad and he was really impressed- he was in awe at how good you drew the face and how great the drawing was. So there's some extra kudos for you. :)

It is! And the eyes look a lot less creepy now that I've repainted them, lol.

Athena's Armoury said...

Friends are the family you wish you had sometimes, eh? Glad to hear that they gave you some warm fuzzies.

Tebonin said...

Woo hoo I like that fox necklace really cute..Love it.

Merily said...

Yup, that's it exactly, Janine. :)

Merily said...

And thanks. :)

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