Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trove Thursday- Elfsisters BNR, Colors of the Forest

Sorry if your RSS feeds caught a blog post yesterday that then vanished. While typing up some of an art update that won't go live until Saturdayish, I accidently hit the enter key at the wrong time and it forced the post to update. Unfortunately it wasn't done so now I'm worried that when it does post for real people a) will think I'm spamming, b) they'll completely ignore it because it went through twice, or c) try to reply to it and it won't exist yet. I'm so sorry about that, guys! Blogger really needs to make it so hitting enter never publishes a post.

Anyway, on to the Trove Thursday post. This week I decided to try out Etsy's Treasury East and made one for me and Ruthie's Elfsisters BNR. Since we're Elf-Sisters, I decided to go with Colors of the Forest as the theme and filled it with items from people in the BNR.

You can find the treasury here for quite a while because they don't expire. I may change it around sometime in the future with new items from the BNR, though.

Here are the items in it:
1.) "Forest Meadow - Fancy Jasper, Ryolite and Sterling Silver Bracelet with Paw Toggle" by BeadedTail.
2.) "Hemp Bracelet with Green Beads - No Metal" by roseworksjewelry.
3.) "Handmade Zip Patchwork Pouch with Felt Leaves" by TiLTcreations.
4.) "Green and Black Leaf Cartilage Chain Earring - Leaves of the Woodland" by merigreenleaf.
5.) "Shades of green with Envy - French beaded flower/ leaf fascinator, luxurious silver, glass blossom" by BeadFloraJewels.
6.) "Earth Day Every Day magnet" by breathofthedragon.
7.) "Remy the Tea Fairy, Tea Kettle Character" by CoffeePotPeople.
8.) "Little Flowers Handmade Lampwork Bead Set 685" by DerondaDesigns.
9.) "Embroidered Cotton Cincher Skirt" by 28SidesDesigns.
10.) "Perched Fairy plaque" by breathofthedragon.
11.) "Oh how I love bees Magnets" by smiss00.
12.) "Faux Jade Green Owl Ring" by shesbattydesigns.
13.) "Aquatic Bloom - Moss Aqua Boro lampwork Keishi Pyrite Sapphire and more" by CrysallisCreations.
14.) "Lime Lemonade Beaded Bookmark" by BeadingInspirations.
15.) "Purse in Clifton Green Floral" by TiLTcreations.
16.) "Emerald Eyes - Green Cats Eye Bracelet with Animal Awareness Ribbon" by BeadedTail.

Overall, I'm not too keen on the Treasury East. The fact that they don't expire and that there's an unlimited number is rather dumb because it means people will never see the vast majority of the treasuries, so what's the point? At the time of writing this there are 203 pages with 20 on each, which means there are more than four thousand treasuries. Sheesh. It is helpful for something like this, though, where I can't always snag a regular treasury each week for this blog post and (what I usually use) is frequently down.

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Tebonin said...

Why the ones I love all that expensive...? 400 dollar thats a lot of money

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