Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trove Thursday- Mirror, Mirror

Eep, almost forgot to make this post go live in time!

The Blogfire theme this time around is "Reflections" and when I saw how many lovely mirrors and mosaic mirrors are on Artfire, I just had to show all those off in a Trove post! I decided to call this Trove Mirror, Mirror, because that was the obvious choice. ;)

1.) "Finding the Perfect Tree" by palisadeglass.
2.) "Gorgeous Stained Glass Mosaic Mirror with Dichroic Glass" by artsyphartsy.
3.) "PEACE, polymer clay mosaic mirror by Maria Greene, Buddha" by MariaGreene.
4.) "Squid Mosaic Mirror" by GreeneGoddess.
5.) "Polymer Clay Phoenix Mirror Wallhanging" by FantasyClay.
6.) "Four Dragonflies Mirror" by GlassArts.
7.) "Mirror, Fairy Frolic" by SticksandStones.
8.) "PieceMakers Winged Creature Challenge" by TwinBrooks.
9.) "Sea Turtle Mirror" by reezie3.

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