Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Art update- cartilage earrings, hemp, costume sketch, and writing

Yup, another week where I didn't get a lot done. My sides have been really sore so while I'm trying to decide if I should get tests done or not (don't even get me started on health insurance and the "healthcare" system in this country), I haven't been able to work on much art or sit at the computer to catch up with street team stuff. :(

Anyway, I have worked on and listed a few things, so hooray there!
Cartilage earrings: if they look familiar, I hinted at both of these in an earlier post.
Silver and Black Cartilage Chain Earring - The White Tree

This one was inspired by Gondor and the White Tree in The Lord of the Rings, and the star is to represent the seven stars of the House of Elendil (and Gondor's flag). At least, I think that's correct; by now everyone should realize that I know far more about Rohan and Mirkwood than any of the other locations on Middle Earth, lol. This can be found here on Etsy and here on Artfire.

The other cartilage earring I listed this week is this one:
 Blue and green silver leaf cartilage chain earring - Guardian of the Trees

Hey, look, another thing LotR-inspired. ;) This one was inspired by Fangorn Forest: the greens and browns represent the Ents and the trees, and the blue is for the rivers that flow through the forest (and Ent-draught, I suppose). Before I had a chance to blog this, it sold, so I only have it listed on Artfire right now. I'll be remaking this and a few other earrings this week, so it'll go back up on Etsy soon, too.

Hemp jewelry:
Red and orange hemp bracelet or anklet - Summer Flame
"Red and orange hemp bracelet or anklet - Summer Flame"

Only got this one bracelet listed this week, but I have a few more queued up. ;) You can find it here on Etsy and here on Artfire.

This drawing is the only art I really finished this week (since I made the jewelry last week).
Wood elf costume sketch

It's a sketch for my next costume; as soon as my sides start feeling better enough for me to work on art for myself, I'm going to start crocheting the tunic and sleeve. I largely drew this for myself so I wouldn't forget what I wanted to do, but I wanted to share it, too. :)

I'd love to make some of the leathery bits this summer, too, but I don't know if I'll have the money for those supplies; I may have to do something with what I already have. I'm planning on enlisting my fiancé to help with the armor and bow, but I think I can make a quiver myself. As for the boots, those depend on which Order of the Stick cosplay I'm going to be making first so they'll work for both costumes. If I make Haley, I'll get brown boots, if I make Kyrie, I'll get green. I'm leaning more towards Kyrie, so if I can find them, I'll probably get the green boots first. I've also been sorta planning out the Pit (from Smash Bros) costume I'd like to make and how I can do all these as cheaply as possible, but so they still look really nice.

If anyone has white angel wings, a white chef's apron, a long green wig, or a wood longbow (fake is preferable, I think) they want to get rid of (or know a good place to find them), let me know! ...yes, I realize what a weird group of items those are. ;)


I didn't do a whole lot of new writing, but I did do some editing to my fantasy story and got the next part posted to Cyn's blog. My writing was much the same with my D&D game: I added more to the plot I had already started, but I'm waiting on the storyline to advance before I can write more.

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