Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cute animal time!

The animals were being especially cute today, so I took some pictures and videos. The downside is that some of the photos are on my phone and I can't find the cord to connect it to the computer, so I'll just share the ones I got on the camera.

First, the stills:
Dog thinks she's a cat

That's Bella, my sister's shih tzu (still think she should change the name to "Ewok" or something) playing with her favorite toy: my cat's spinning mouse thing. Her nose is so short that she can't get it inside, so she'll just keep playing with this like the cat does (only longer because my cat's toy attention span is about 30 seconds).

Cat investigates

Clarabell going "Hey, that's mine! ... Besides, what's the big deal? Dumb dog." Pay no attention to my random assortment of shoes.

Chloe, the older white dog, just seems confused:

The poor cat (she looks like a black shadow- ninja cat!) gets bumped out of the way. My dad and I are very amused.

Yeah, my family has a thing for adopting weird animals. The one dog is pretty normal but the other thinks she's a cat on springs (she can jump to the high places the cat can) and my sister's dog is just as crazy and apparently is also cat-like. My cat, on the other hand, puts up with all this craziness as best she can, mostly by staking out territory (ie the comfy chairs) so the dogs can't sit there. I'm really glad Clarabell is so good-natured!

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