Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Presenting Pretties- Critter Crafts

Yup, the Stalkers Guild on Artfire is featuring one of our own again- this time it's Critter Crafts, which I guess makes this a "Presenting Pets" post. ;)

As someone who has always been ruled by pets (because a pet-parent knows that no one owns a pet- if anything, they own us), I'm loving the items in this shop! Here are some of my favorite items:

Fish and Bird Catnip Toys

Upcycled Fish-shaped Cat Feed Mat

Camouflage Bone Dog Toy

If you're looking for handmade pet toys and accessories, you can find Critter Crafts here. And hey, if you're interested in joining the Stalkers Guild and are a member of Artfire, you can find the guild here.


Brett Sutcliffe said...

Oh my god they are so cute. cute. cute cute..love them

Athena's Armoury said...

She has some really fun stuff! I'm seriously tempted by the fish shaped kitty placemat. My little fur ball makes a mess of his food, so this would be a cute, easily cleanable fix.

Merily said...

My cat likes to drop crumbs all over the floor, but a mat wouldn't fit in the bathroom where her food bowl is, unfortunately. Maybe I should get her a bib, lol!

louis vuitton replica handbags said...

wow! this is very cute, for now im searching for a cat because theres a lot of mouse in my room.

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