Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trove Thursday- Dads are awesome

I think I'm going to end up posting two Trove Thursday posts this week since I snagged an Etsy treasury earlier today that I want to feature, but I also almost forgot that this week's Blogfire carnival theme is "Dads", so that's the one I'll post first.

I'd really be kicking myself if I missed this theme because my dad is awesome and deserves random recognition. ;) He's my movie/book/fishing/geocaching buddy because we have so many of the same interests- I may not get along too well with my mom, but I adore my dad. He was the one who got me into Lord of the Rings twenty years ago by reading me The Hobbit when I was six (I still remember the voices he used to do for all the characters. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure the reason my LotR alter-ego is the daughter of Thranduil is somehow because of my dad reading the book to me, lol), then FotR a few years later. And the LotR movies? Yeah, I saw them a whole bunch with him, and since dad likes a lot of the same kinds of movies and subjects I like, that means we watch a lot of literary and historical stuff together (Mom makes fun of us for watching BBC versions of Jane Austen and Victorian lit novels). And the literary thing extends to books, of course: we both love British literature. Then there's our shared love of the outdoors- my dad and I love to go fishing in his old canoe (that thing is older than I am!) and stroll through nature, and we've recently started geocaching, as well (our latest cache hunt story can be found here). I have a lot in common with my dad, to say the least. :)

And since this is a Trove Thursday post, that means I get to share awesome handmade items that I found on Artfire and Etsy and want to promote. ;) Click the images to be taken to the listings.

"Hiking Fishing Camping Print Checkbook Cover" by SewBizzyGifts.

"Frog Hollow window top Hobbit door" by OzarkKountryCrafts.

"Writer - CHARLES DICKENS - Vtg Portrait as Collage - ART SIGN" by Funcky-Love-Designs.

And I know this is on Etsy rather than Artfire, but since it's an LotR quote and geocaching-related, it's awesome and deserves to be included:

"not all who wander... Hand Screened T-shirt" by midTownTees.

Go check out those shops and if you're interested in the Artfire Blogfire guild, you can find the blog here. :D

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TiLT said...

awesome finds...and even more awesomer Dad :)
like my grammar there? :P

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