Thursday, May 06, 2010

Trove Thursday- Step into the Enchanted Elven Forest

I've been working on a design for a new Renfaire costume (once I finish the sketch, I'll post it) and since that means Wood Elf clothing and accessories have been on my mind... you guys get a related Trove Thursday post. ;) This week's theme is Step into the Enchanted Elven Forest.

You can click the image to view it larger, but you can also find it here for quite awhile because it's a Treasury East and those don't expire. Most of these fantastical items are by my FAE (Fantasy Artists of Etsy) teammates, but a few are some random talented artists I threw in, as well. (Psst- you guys in that treasury who aren't in the team- you should join us.)

Here's the list of who's featured this week:
1.) "Woodland Mini Cloak" by CrystalKittyCat.
2.) "Complete Leather Elven Package" by mojoleather.
3.) "Woodland Leaf Cuffs in Brown and Gold" by AncientGrove.
4.) "Lothlorien Spring Forest Earrings" by Thyme2dream.
5.) "Mistress of the Secret Forest -- OOAK fantasy necklace" by ErtheFae.
6.) "Tribal Goddess, Tribes of Deep Earth Collection, recycled leather halter top." by tahnaya.
7.) "Green Ivy HAIR WREATH ... Woodland Faerie - Nature Gypsy Bride - Goddess - Fae - Fairy RING" by Alteredevents.
8.) "Copper Filigree Cuff Woodland elf" by tangocatgems.
9.) "Canopy - Chainmaille and Crystal Necklace" by youvegotmaille.
10.) "Custom Order Bow and Quiver" by Ladynarf.
11.) "Green Feather Artifact Pendant" by mermaidencreations.
12.) "Woodland Leaves Earrings" by 88Links.
13.) "2 green 16 -18 X 2 inch (40.5 - 46 X 5 cm) Real Human Hair Extensions" by Puppycatmeow.
14.) "Wood Nymph Circlet" by VimaSunrider.
15.) "Brown Woodland Pants - Eco Fashion - Elvish - Forest - Faeriworlds - Dance - Pixie - Medium" by Onanya.
16.) "Grassy Mama Leaf Pouch" by ButterflyEffect. (I have one of her pouches and I love it!)

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Tebonin said...

Love all of these earing. Really

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