Monday, June 14, 2010

Art update- back to crafting, hooray! My muse, how I missed you!

I've really been neglecting my blog for a few weeks. :( Luckily my mom is well on the way to recovery from her knee surgery, so I'll be able to concentrate more on art than on running up and down the stairs to get her things and to take care of my grandmother.

This week I did manage to work on art and list new things, though! Hooray! Judging from the colors of most of this week's art, I'm back to being inspired by my art muse- I'm glad she's back because I missed working in all these greens, browns, and blues!

Black, red, and silver cartilage chain earrings
Blue and green butterfly cartilage chain earrings

These two were for the same person- her daughter has multiple piercings in her ears, so I connected the chains to two lobe posts and the two lobes to a cartilage in the matching earring. I think these turned out really neat!

Blue and green leaf cartilage chain earrings

These earrings were for another fun customer- she really wanted the colors of my Imladris earring but with the beaded dangle bit of the Woodland earring. I actually like this pair better than the earrings they were based from; I love making custom orders because I get to come up with new styles and designs. :D

I also listed two new things in my shops:
Wood Elf green and brown hemp bracelet or anklet

"Wood Elf green and brown hemp bracelet or anklet" on Etsy and Artfire

Green and Brown Leaf Cartilage Chain Earring - Wood Elf

"Green and Brown Leaf Cartilage Chain Earring - Wood Elf" on Artfire and Etsy

Yup, they kinda match- or at least, they were from the same inspiration. Here's a bit of trivia about that earring: that brown bead above the leaf is one of the very very oldest beads in my stash; it's close to twenty years old, which is pretty neat considering that I'm only 26.

I didn't get to work on any writing this week, unfortunately. Well, I've been hit by some plot bunnies, but I've been working on a large custom order that has to come first, so those ideas are on the back burner. But speaking of plot bunnies, one of my Plurk friends linked me to a site for writers and I joined up. The site is, but don't be appalled by the name- it just has to do with those plot bunnies I mentioned (there's an explanation here).

I'm hoping that being around other writers will give me the encouragement to work on my current story/character more, as well as start more fantasy stories about that world (I've got a grey elf who wants me to write about him, too). And hey, maybe I'll finish those LotR parodies I started years and years ago... probably not, but maybe. (Did I really think I could parody entire books? lol!)


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Yah for plot bunnies! Oh wait - I meant muse...

Melissa said...

Lovely jewelry. Ya know, looking at all the pretty earrings you make almost makes me wish my ears were pierced. Almost. XD

Merily said...

lol! Yay for both, Ruthie. ;)

Thanks, Niere! My cartilage piecings got all weird recently so I can't do more than poke my earrings in so they don't close up (somehow they don't like silver or gold anymore, even though my other piercings are fine with them), so I've been wearing a lot of cuffs recently. I can make this style with cuffs, though. ;) I'm tempted to make one that connects to my two lobe piercings but also has a cuff.

Mary said...
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