Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Art update- an elf and some mushrooms (and giveaway reminder!)

Birthday dance time! Yup, it's my 558th- no, that's my Elfling age, isn't it? 27th birthday. And yet I still don't feel like an adult, but that's okay because being grown up is overrated anyway. ;)

This means that today is the last day for my birthday giveaway, so if you haven't entered, please join in! This also means that today is the last day for the 27% off sale in my Artfire shop, so if you wanted to jump on that you only have until tonight at midnight. (Use the code 27BIRTHDAY. It's good on everything except custom dolls.)

And this week I'm actually able to share what I've been working on- hooray! I changed around some cartilage earrings and made a custom pair:

The main thing I've been working on are more plushies, though:
Elf doll and mushrooms- sneak peek

The mushrooms are for my friend's son (he really loves the one I made for my fiancé) and are finished. The doll is very much a work-in-progress, though- it's going to be an elf princess-type for one of my online friends. The doll doesn't look like much yet, but I promise she'll be cute. I always have so much fun when I get to make elves and other fantasy dolls because I get to be extra creative! :D

I'll keep you guys updated on this one as it progresses and the next art update will include that and the kobold I'm going to be starting for my fiancé.

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