Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bet my inspiration is geekier than yours. ;)

The current Blogfire Guild theme is "Inspiration", specifically comparing and contrasting what we've made with where the inspiration comes from. I'll warn you in advance- this post is going to be extremely geeky. ;)

Most of my inspiration doesn't come from a physical source like a picture or an object- more like abstract words and roleplaying- so the pictures of the inspiration aren't always directly related to the finished project, if that makes sense. I'll try to get as close as possible, though. :)

First is the thing I've always been inspired by: The Lord of the Rings

I tend to be inspired by the locations in Middle Earth, but sometimes specific objects, certain races, or particular characters give me creative ideas, as well. (Please note- I found the LotR images from a Google search; obviously those do not belong to me.)

Gondor (specifically the White Tree)

Rohan (in this case, the flower Simbelmynë)

And my favorite location, Mirkwood, has inspired a lot of art, as have Wood Elves (okay, that's more a D&D term, but it works for that forest, too)

And elf ears come from my LotR obsession, too:
Crocheted Elf Fairy Costume Ears on Black Headband

Here I'd like to post a picture of an elf, but none of the elves from LotR that I like made it into the movie (or at least, nothing more than possible cameos). That's okay, though- the inspiration for my elf ears came more from elves in general than the LotR ones, hence why my halfling, orc, and elf ears aren't the same style as any characters in the movie have. If anything, those were more inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, which takes me to my next inspiration theme...

Dungeons and Dragons
Ye gads, do I get a lot of inspiration from this! Two of my characters in particular have given me lots of art ideas over the years. This is one of those abstract things that's hard to photograph, so I took a picture of my D&D stuff.

First is Aldalion Kalmîr, my Grey Elf bard; everything with this boy was purple, purple, purple from his clothing (you can see in the drawing I did of him and the figure I painted) to the dice I rolled for him. Even his eyes were purple!

I'm sure I've made more art based on him, but that's what I could remember off the top of my head- a doll and three pieces of jewelry (I actually still have to list that bracelet- remember that, Meri). If you see me making something sepia and purple, Aldalion is the reason. (I still laugh over the fact that I had crossed out a girl's name on his sheet to add the masculine ending; this character was originally going to be female, but ... well, gender is rather arbitrary with this elf, to say the least.)

And by now you guys all know my other D&D inspiration- Cyneric Conroy, my human cleric:

Where Aldal is purple, Cyn is all about reds, oranges, and browns. And foxes and feathers, and all that other good stuff that goes with being a Messenger. I didn't get a picture of his character sheet, but you can see the figures and dice I use, his spellbook, D&D notes, and his spells (all you can see is a fire spell and an air elemental sticking out of the box). This kind of gives you an insight as to what my part of the table looks like during a D&D game- my orc figure and that character sheet are also missing (I play an orc, too), but this is most of it.

Here are those spell bits:
I am such a dork

And here's some other art inspired by this character:

Hey, look, another bracelet I haven't listed yet. How did I manage to forget about those, anyway? These guys must inspire me but not enough to remember what I make, I guess. LOL!

And what the heck, here are the dolls I made of some of the characters in my D&D game:
D&D plushies

That gnome in the top left has since been killed off and we've had a paladin and two druids in and out of the game, but those are most of the characters.

Now onto my last geeky inspiration: video games
This usually takes the form of dolls for me and my friends, but I have a bit of an obsession with putting triforces into chainmaille, too.

My best friend is all about Dark Link, so of course I made her a doll of him.

And my favorite Smash Bros character is Pit:

(Yes, I do find it amusing that I play the angel and my best friend plays the evil character.) I started working on a smaller Pit doll (the same size as the Link) for myself over a year ago, but I haven't finished it yet. One of these days! I'm still not sure if I put that bow in the right hand; it doubles as a sword and daggers, so he's constantly switching it between hands in the game.

And that about wraps it up, I think. I'm also inspired by nature, but my love of oceans and forests generally connects into my fantasy obsession (mermaids, dryads, elementals, that kind of thing), so I'll just leave this post as it is. It's already long enough, right? I hope you enjoyed a look into my rather geeky head; not a lot of normal goes on in here. ;)


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I LOVED looking into your geeky head :) I need to make more geeky items...

Merily said...

I'm glad you liked this post, Ruthie! :D Yeah, you should make more geeky things- I love that idea!

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