Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Geocaching and writing time!

This week I don't have any art to share, but since I'm almost done the dolls I can't blog about yet (all I have to do is varnish the clay parts) and have started a doll I *can* blog about, that means you'll get to see that one in the next update. In fact, you might see two since I'm also going to be working on one for my fiancé. :)

Besides being in doll-mode lately, I've also been geocaching and writing (and writing about geocaching) this past week. I was up to going caching twice this week (in hindsight, I should have probably just gone once since it very much wore me out), but since I blogged about it here and here in me and my friend's adventure blog, I'm not going to ramble about it here. I will share a few of my favorite pictures from the latest adventure, though:

The view while trekking through the forest.

Me and my fiancé

A pond we passed on the way to one of the caches

One of the really unique caches we found that day- a beehive!

I'm still waiting on Josh to give me the info I need (maps specifically) for the next part of my story, but was itching to get some writing done, so I had my character write a letter to his best friend.

It was a pleasant change to be able to write something about my character that's current rather than about his distant past! (I had to be a bit... secretive about what went into the letter, though, because people in my D&D group read that blog sometimes and they could forget that what they know out of game isn't the same as what their characters know.) I still have another letter to write, so I'll probably be doing that soon, too. Josh told me I'll get extra experience in the D&D game for writing these, but it's not like I don't write constantly about this character anyway, lol.

I think that's what I wanted to share this week. I really have to get back into the swing of updating this blog more than once every other week! Hopefully now that I'm working on art I can share, that'll be happening. :)

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Rose Works Jewelry said...

Yay for writing! And I look forward to seeing the dolls whenever you can show them :)

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