Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hey, look, a writing (and art) challenge!

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Come and join us at the fantasybigbang

The goal of this challenge is to team up writers and artists- the writers write long fics (at least 10,000 words) and the artists create ... well, art, obviously, to go with the stories (art includes drawing, painting, digital art, photo manipulations, photo shoots...). This is a fantasy challenge, though, so the stories have to be in that genre; luckily that's a wide category (anything from vampires to faeries and anything in between), and crossovers and stories about books and movies are allowed.

You can find the FAQs here. You need a livejournal to join, but those accounts are simple to make and free. So if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please sign up as a writer or an artist (or both, if you're able!). And please spread word about this (even if it's not something you'd be able to join in on) so lots of people can get involved. :)

I'm signed up as a writer and will be writing a fantasy story in the world where my current story takes place. The main character of this one is going to be someone who'll be coming into my current story soon: a half-elf who has been growing on me and wanting his own chance to star in a story. ;)

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