Thursday, June 03, 2010

Trove Thursday- Secrets of the Sea

Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately- it's a combination of working on a project I can't share yet and taking care of my mom who had surgery on her knee and is constantly needing me to run up and down the stairs to do things for her. I've handed that poor woman enough ice this week to build an entire igloo. ;)

Luckily I do have a theme for Trove Thursday:

The newest FAEteam (fantasy artists of Etsy) exhibition is Secrets of the Sea and features all sorts of lovely ocean-related art from mermaids to pirates and jewelry to dolls. Check out the exhibition here because I can only feature sixteen of these awesome things at a time. ;)

This is a Treasury East, so you can find it here indefinitely since it won't expire. Hooray! To make it easier, though, I'll also link to everything individually.

1.) "Cocker Spaniel Dog mermaid magnet upcycled cd art" by kreationkween72.
2.) "Tourmaline Mermaid Wire Wrap Necklace" by tangocatgems.
3.) "The Dead Marshes pendant" by MiddleEarths.
4.) "Moonlit Seductress -- Sexy Mermaid Necklace with Dichroic Cab" by ErtheFae.
5.) "Treasure . mermaid art bookmark" by aquariann.
6.) "Caught at Sea - Mermaid Headdress" by VimaSunrider.
7.) "Little Mermaid" by fairyrealm.
8.) "Water Nymph - Soy Spell Candle - 4 ounce in glass hex jar" by MoonlitHerbals.
9.) "Fernando the Furious Sea Monster" by PlushroomSoup.
10.) "Sculpted Mermaid Mirror Frame" by ladymudwerkes.
11.) "Sparkling Strands from the Sea Necklace" by FaerieKat.
12.) "Mermaid Garden Wedding Hair Pin Fascinator Flower Stick" by Thyme2dreamWeddings.
13.) "Mermaid Magic Wand" by BunnyKissd.
14.) "MerChest - Mermaid Treasure Chest - Shoreline" by FaerieFaeStudios.
15.) "Hand Painted Wooden Keepsake Box With Fish Decoration (Aqua)" by spiralmoonfantasy.
16.) "Aquamarine-OOAK Fairy Mermaid Art Doll" by fairymermaid.

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