Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Art update- my new occupation is "kobold haberdasher"

Wow, talk about an extremely delayed update. Sorry about that! I've been so busy with making presents and custom orders and working on a story that I've been forgetting to blog. Let's see if I can catch up...

My fiancé was away last week for a wedding, so I was finally able to make him his late birthday present. This takes me to the title of this blog post because I spent this past weekend making a kobold complete with tiny hat, jacket, and carpet bag (I think that's what the bag's called?). Meet Heathen D. Pistolwhip, Kobold Sales Professional:
Heathen D. Pistolwhip, Kobold Sales Professional (In doll form, of course!)

Heathen is a character from Josh's (much neglected- maybe he'll update it again some day) webcomic Goblins Like These. You might remember the goblins I made him a few years ago.

Here's a view of the side:
Heathen D. Pistolwhip plushie

Nothing like crocheting a kobold with a fake mustache; I'd say this is the oddest plushie I've ever crocheted, but I'm not sure if that's true since pretty much all the dolls I make are odd. LOL!

The other doll I finished this month is this elf doll for one of my online friends:
Elf princess doll - wearing cloak Elf princess doll - hood up

She wanted a dark haired, brown eyed elf princess-type doll and likes green and purple, so this is what I came up with. I forgot to include her silver circlet in the photos, but she has a removable green cloak and a purple belt; the pouch on her belt snaps so it can be taken off the belt. It'd been a while since I got to make an elf, so this was fun!

Summer = a lot of birthdays, so that means it was time for my usual pink and black jewelry thing for my sister (that girl loves those colors the way I love green- to an obsession). She loves anklets and always wears the other ones I made her, so I made her another:
Black and hot pink chainmaille anklet

The bead styles alternate, but they're all hot pink and black. My sis is easy to make things for- if it's pink, she loves it. ;)

I also made another anklet, but this one was a custom order for one of my favorite customers:
Purple and blue moon and stars anklet

She wanted it in blues and purples and with a kind of moon and star design; luckily I had all those things, so I created this hemp anklet. :) (Note to self: get more of those charms- I'm almost out.)

I also made a few custom cartilage chain earrings for someone who's a big "Lord of the Rings" fan- she wanted a pair with extra posts on my Mirkwood, Rohan, and Gondor-inspired earrings:
Pair of cartilage chain earrings-  Leaves of the Woodland Pair of cartilage chain earrings- Realm of the Horse Lords
Pair of cartilage chain earrings- The White Tree

I'm especially happy when I get requests for the "Leaves of the Woodland" one because it's my home forest. ;)

Remember that writing/art challenge I mentioned recently? I've been spending a lot of time working on my story for it. I can't give a word count yet because I'm still working on the outline and character sketches, but once I start the actual story I'll let you know how it's coming along. I'm having a blast with it!

The premise is that a young Messenger (you guys have heard me ramble about this enough- they're the priests of that world who specialize in delivering messages) has been possessed by an evil artifact; the unfortunate side effect is that the artifact turned the boy evil, but the main problem is that he's now hoarding all the mail he was supposed to deliver and is forcibly stealing it from other Messengers, as well. It's up to Raff, a slightly older, marginally more experienced (and extremely mischievous) priest to get to the bottom of this; the problem is that Raff is more charm than brains, so expect some ineptitude as the story goes on. (And should I mention the dragon?)

This also explains why I haven't updated my writing blog in a while; I haven't been able to work on my main character's story because I've been concentrating on the new one because it has a deadline. When I'm finally able to share the new story (I can't blog it until the fall), I'm planning on dividing that writing blog between my two characters and adding a third column- giving Cyn the one side and Raff the other, and possibly alternating what I post in the middle so I don't favor one character over the other. It would just be silly to make another writing blog when they're both friends and their stories are going to overlap.

So wish me luck- this is a 10,000 word story I need to have finished by November and I've never tried writing original fiction at that kind of word limit before!

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Lovely! You've been a busy bee I see.

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