Friday, July 02, 2010

Giveaway winner and birthday ramblings :D

Time to announce the winner of my giveaway! (Yeah, yeah, it's a day later than I had planned, but I had a family birthday thing yesterday.) I had 9 people enter with a total of 17 entries (some shared it in more than one place, so got extra entries), so I pulled out one of my D20s. If I had rolled an 18-20 I would have rerolled, but luckily I got a four:

And #4 on the list of entries is Smiss! Congrats, Smiss! I'll send you a message on Plurk letting you know that you won and so you can let me know what you want.

I really love doing these giveaways, so I'll definitely continue doing them yearly, or possible more often than that. I love getting to share my art with people. :D

And since this is a birthday-related post, I wanted to share some awesome art-related things that I got. ;) My friend Niere offered me a drawing of my choice (she's one of my favorite artists, so of course that made me grin like an idiot and do a little happy dance) and I asked for a drawing of the character from the next story I'm working on. I blogged all about this over on my writing blog, so go check it out! She's such a talented artist!

The other presents were from my fiancé; to give you an explanation about these drawings, he always draws his goblins on my birthday present wrappings (actually, he draws them on most things, lol) and we call birthdays "blarfdays" after one of said goblins. This year he went all out with the wrapping:

The thing that looks like a hoagie? It has Blarf saying "Not a hoagie! I swear!" on it, which is good because as soon as I saw it I went "Aww, you got me a hoagie! How sweet!". LOL! The small package has Igik looking like some guy from a metal hair band or something- this is a cd. The other two are movies that Josh made fake covers and reviews for- these are Gork (my favorite goblin! I even dressed as him last Halloween) and Boss.

Here's a closeup of the movies:

Turns out those actually were a cd and movies, although the hoagie really wasn't a hoagie. I guess Blarf was telling the truth!

A fancy blue and green metal water bottle for when I go geocaching (I already used it- it works perfectly and holds a lot of water which is good when I'm hiking), the new Hanson cd that I've been utterly longing for (I think this is my favorite cd by them yet!), and two Muppet movies. I'd been saying for a while how I want to see those movies again, but Josh lost his old VHS copies. I loves my Joshy! I'm keeping the wrapping papers, of course! (Well, I'll trim them down to size, but I always keep the random drawings Josh does for me.)

I got to hang out with Josh and my best friend on my birthday and family the day after, so it's been a very good week. :D


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Love the drawings and the presents! Congrats Smiss! said...

And you will think of me when you watch that Muppets movie when Pepe enters the screen in a tutu! LOL

Thanks for rolling me! :D

Merily said...

Me, too, Ruthie! Niere and Josh are such great artists!

But of course, Smiss. That clip is why I wanted Muppets in Space more than any of the others. LOL! You're welcome! The dice (die? What the heck one is the singular?) loves you apparently. ;)

c said...

Congrats Smiss!!!

What great items for your birthday!!!

Merily said...

I'm so happy he got these for me. And he says he'll be buying me some green hair extensions, too. :D

Mike Hamilton said...

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